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    I'm 33 and I live in western Canada
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    Surrey, BC canada
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    Crochet, knitting, sewing, dancing, reading, writing
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    13 years
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    dolls, teddies, clothing
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  1. BeautifulNightmare

    Snowman and reindeer

    Thanks! No, just a cheeky smile lol
  2. BeautifulNightmare

    Snowman and reindeer

    Thank you!
  3. BeautifulNightmare

    Snowman and reindeer

    Just wanted to share my snowman and reindeer stuffies. Both are my own pattern 😊. They turned out so much cuter than I expected.
  4. BeautifulNightmare

    Crochet birds by TNGiftsUA

  5. BeautifulNightmare

    new here hello

  6. BeautifulNightmare

    Ballerina Purse

    Very cute! Good job
  7. BeautifulNightmare

    Hello To All

    Hi Susie, welcome!
  8. BeautifulNightmare

    Hiya 🙋🏻‍♀️

    Thank you!
  9. BeautifulNightmare

    Ponytail hat pattern

    When I make an adult hat, I start with 10 dc. Second round is 2dc around. Then I continue increasing “2dc in next, dc in next”, “2dc in next, dc in next 2” then dc in next 3, next 4 etc until it fits the top of my head lol. I just sit it on and go from there. Then just straight dc around the remaining rows. Yours looks good so far. Maybe just try what you have on yourself and see how it’s working.
  10. BeautifulNightmare

    Pattern help.

    I’m assuming it means you are joining to a ch up so at the beginning of a round say it says “ch 2, dc in each st around” at the end of the round you use a slip stitch to close the round you just made. So you slip stitch into the ch 2 you made st the beginning of the round.
  11. I just made a scarf using this pattern! The link above is correct. If you need any help feel free to msg me
  12. BeautifulNightmare

    Tegan Doily

    That is beautiful! The detail is amazing
  13. BeautifulNightmare

    Instruction says, "sc through next dc to end of rnd"

    Basically sc in the next dc and then in each dc across. So sc across the row
  14. BeautifulNightmare

    what "make 1 sc together on 2 stitches" means?

    It sounds like sc2together to me as well. As above asked, is there a stitch count noted per row? That really helps when you get confused. It’s a little hard for me to know without seeing the pattern or what you’re working on
  15. BeautifulNightmare

    No swaps?

    Are there no more swaps?