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  1. I've emailed Bernat and will let you know what they say.... JILLfromWI
  2. Just as an aside, how much more per skein would you be willing to pay for the "tape" leader on the end? This yarn is made in Turkey..... I work with manufacturing in the garment industries and we import from China, Korea, and Vietnam. If a zipper pocket is less than $.25 on an winter jacket, then I think a piece of scotch tape would be miniscule. I would be willing to pay for the extra time, costs, but I don't think it would be very much. Like I said....I think if we don't complain, they think we are happy. Also, this merchandise is made in Turkey (and elsewhere) and is shipped directly to warehouses (Joann's/Walmart,etc) and is shipped directly to stores. Unless the manufacturer has a contact overseas doing detailed inspections, they don't realize what is coming out of the factories until they get complaints. Believe it or not, we've found zippers- FULL SIZE, seam rippers, other cutting tools, etc....sewn right into the garments,usually inside the linings. We've now demanded that the factories x-ray the garments before shipping for this reason. JILLfromWI Do others think the yarn is more knotted (meaning yarn tied throughout) and it is not wound as well as it was in the past? I did find three separate knots in this skein.
  3. I finally cut out the last tangled mess and said enoughs, enough. Even with cutting out the biggest birdsnest I ended up with 3 different balls. Back to finishing the doll sweater. If I hadn't been almost done I would have cut it off to begin with and not mess with it. I'm just frustrated that they tell you to pull from the center....and you can't. I feel if I had pulled it wrong right from the start is one thing, but to be 4-5 inches into a project and then have the insides vomit out at you, is unacceptable. I am going to contact Bernat on this. I'm making sweaters for American Girl to donate for charity for the local nuns fall festival sale. I hate wasting the yarn as I want to give them as many as I can.... Back to crocheting!!! Can you tell I didn't get much sleep....I worked on this knotted mess from midnight to 3 am....then it took me from 7:30 to 1:30 pm to finally get this resolved. Overtired and frustrated!!! Have a great Sunday everyone..... JILLfromWI
  4. Just to clarify....Bernat says clearly on their label....1) START FROM THE CENTER.....or 2) Start the project from the outside tail. If they want us to start from the center....they should make it a little easier. I look at it this way, if we don't tell them we have frustration with their products, there is no reason for them to make any changes. Yarn has been basically wound the same for years and years...there must be a better way. I learned my lesson and won't buy this brand again in this size.....this is the second skein in less than a month I've had this problem. Too much yarn and the middle collapses from the inside out and you get "vomit", PS: I'm now on 5 hours this morning and still not "unvomited". It is so hard with having a project started and hanging in the way.....I so hate this yarn right now!!!
  5. I have spent 6 hours so far trying to untangle the "VOMIT" that came out from the inside of a skein of Bernat baby yarn 8.5 oz size. I thought I had found the right path on the inside yarn when I started and have about 2 inches completed on a baby doll sweater. And I'm still not done.....if I'm lucky I will get it untangled sometime today. The knotted mess was so bad from the inside "VOMIT" that I found the outside yarn and starting ball winding with a winder from the outside. If I wasn't so far along with the sweater I would just throw the whole thing away. Come on yarn companies.....can't you take a piece of clear tape and tape onto the ball band the inside yarn so we pull it correctly out of the middle from the beginning? If we reach inside and grab it over or under a few rounds we are destined for a mess. When you have these jumbo skeins the chances of a VOMIT mess are greater as the inside slowly comes out and the outside has no support. Make it a little easier on us from the start...PLEASE!!!! Thanks for letting me vent...I think I'm just overtired as I stayed up to 3 am working on my VOMIT and I'm still sick with VOMIT!!! JILLfromWI
  6. I would love one of the reader's wraps. Basically a shawl with the pockets on the ends. I think it would be great to use for watching TV, crocheting and of course reading. JILLfromWI PS: Let us know what you decide to do...!!!
  7. Great job Heather....just love it. JILLfromWI
  8. Check the web for Linda's Christmas bell potholder pattern...looks similar. JILLfromWI
  9. Welcome from the Green Bay area....keep plugging away and share any questions and pictures of finished items. The more you do, and the more you try....the better the projects will become. Don't be afraid if your first few projects turn out a little out of shape, etc. Try dishclothes or really simple items to start with. JILLfromWI
  10. Just checked it out....very nice!!!!! Donna and Amy you both do a great job. I come to Crochetville every day and read messages. I don't always post but do enjoy the comments and pictures from everyone. Happy Holidays!!! JILLfromWI
  11. Welcome from Wisconsin!!!!! I also bite my nails.....I think it makes it easier to crochet. JILLfromWI
  12. Welcome Leah from Wisconsin!!!! Can't wait to see some of the items you produce. Hope you can share some pictures soon. JILLfromWI
  13. Welcome from Wisconsin!!!!! JILLfromWI
  14. Welcome from Wisconsin!!!!! Enjoyed your intro.....you will learn lots here....don't be afraid to try new things!!!! JILLfromWI
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