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    Crocheting, Knitting, Genealogy, Gardening, history, travel, and BLOGGING
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    ghans or scarfs I think
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  1. We'll all be scratching on our heads on that one forever. lol I guess because everything but the state was right? Somehow they were able to figure it out?? I'm still shocked.
  2. YIPPEE:cheer I'm floored, and thrilled. That was fast, faster then normal even. You made my day, so glad they reached you. This is one for the books for sure. Let's party, hehe Free Yarn, Blog Contest
  3. Oh, I didn't realize it was 2 different groups. Thanks for the info, appreciate it. Free Yarn, Blog Contest
  4. Not that is matters now; but I also wondered why the change of names for the group. Used to send to Threads of Compassion in Illinois and wondered why the change in ady and name? Sandy
  5. Groan, was sent to the Pa address. Dang it, since I didn't know when I could get to the post office went ahead and mailed it from a previous note and pm. Wonder if it will come back to me, or with any stretch...it has the right zip code...wonder if that will work? Fingers crossed
  6. Looked around further and that's the address I keep coming up with, so fingers crossed. Just back from the post office. Sandy Watching and waiting, I hate to block, ghan drying as it's being blocked in living room
  7. Just wanted to double check, I have a Pennsylvania address for Compassionate Creations, but thought the webpage said something about Boston? Do I have the right info ladies? Thanks Sandy Blog Contest Free yarn Knit and Crochet for Homeless
  8. Seems I'm always playing catch up. Got 2 scarves ready Ann and am putting in the mail either today or tomorrow. Just wanted to sing out. Took me longer then anticipated. Such a good cause. Sandy By way ladies...I'm having a give away, FREE Yarn! To help me celebrate an upcoming blog milestone (soon to hit 200 posts) on Bridge and Beyond (homeless charity). You don't have to be one who's donated knitted or crocheted hats, scarves or mittens to participate in the yarn give away. But, I never turn down helping hands. Sandy
  9. Perhaps a dumb question, but do the scarves all need to warm scarves or are decorative scarves good for this too? I'm wondering about skinny summer decorative types? Been working a ton of hours, so haven't been here in awhile. Looking forward to a couple of days to knit and crochet. Thanks Sandy
  10. I think it's better NOT to work ends in when donating to someone else for join. First, if the joiner work the yarn in when either edging or joining to another square; it's really not extra work. The only time I think it works best to work into the actual square before joining is if it's a lacy super open stitch. When you get squares with no tails you as the assembler really don't have a way of knowing how long the tail was, if it was cut. There have been times when I received what appears to be a neat square/rectangle with ends tucked in to find as you're working with it, they've cut it
  11. I've always read and use a ruler or yard stick not tape measurer. Because they are firm and you get a more accurate measurement. I've read the suggestion of square, but find a ruler in my carry along bag is handier.
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