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  1. A big Thank you to my SP Antara.........she is really the best secret pal!!! She sent me a wonderful box filled with goodies. I will have pics posted on my blog tomorrow at http://hooklinesinker.blogdrive.com please stop by tomorrow and see everything she gifted me with....... thanks so much Hilary, you have really made my whole week and I truly appreciate the thought you put into each gift.....I love them all
  2. my reveal package has been mailed and I heard from my secret pal that she mailed mine out as well. I will post a thank you to my secret pal when I receive my package this week on my blog and now I ask that my membership here be deleted. To my secret pal - you have been a real sweetheart and I really loved the scarf you sent last month and I promise I will post a pic of everything you sent this week!!
  3. I am mailing out my package this week.......had a few things that came in last minute!!
  4. okay girls........i will be starting the pattern this weekend and will hopefully have it done soon and will for sure let you ladies test it. Thanks so much everyone
  5. I am in West Texas........near the panhandle
  6. I got a wonderful package yesterday. I got a pink deck of playing cards and a pink, red and white scarf that is absolutely beautiful. Pics coming soon. Thank you so much SP, I loved everything and it made my day so much better.
  7. I got a very sweet ecard from my secret pal that really brightened my day..thanks so much sp!!! She also told me to be watching the mail box...........i can hardly stand the wait!!!!!
  8. I just wanted to let my SP know (even though she doesn't know who she is yet LOL) that I have found a ton of things for her and am currently working on her first package!! Can't wait to get it sent out, it is almost exciting sending the package as receiving one.
  9. I was just so excited that I wanted to share this with everyone. I recently found a local Linus Project Group and we have a meeting on the 29th and I am so excited about attending. I have had a hard time finding local charities, due to the fact I live in a very rural place. I am so glad that I will be able to help all those little ones with a nice warm blanket of their own.
  10. Thank you SP for my very sweet ecard!! I loved it and it totally made my friday!!
  11. I am so glad someone asked this question. I have always wondered this myself and will now use the dishcloths that I have crocheted!!
  12. Got my secret pal and have already started on working on something for her!!
  13. I am so glad I got to this one in time....almost missed it and haven't been able to do a swap in a while. looking forward to spoiling my pal.
  14. might be fun to try and see what you come up with since there are no pics
  15. I am currently working on designing a Lingerie Bustier Bag for my sister bachelorette party and was wondering what everyone thought. It will be crocheted of course and it will resemble a ladies bustier top with lace and all that good stuff we love so much. I should have the pattern all worked out tonight and should have it completely finished within the next week. I was just wondering what you all thought of the idea and if you would think it was a cool bag to keep your precious lingerie or jewelry or what nots in. Thanks, Mel
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