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    That is just too cute! Great Job!
  2. Beautiful work. Great Job!
  3. I love all of your pieces. They are so cute. Great job!
  4. They are really nice. They look warm and cozy too!
  5. dlfoxy1

    My latest project

    OMG! That is really beautiful and all the colors that you used. It's terrific.
  6. It's a beautiful pattern. You did a fabuloust job with it. The color's great too!
  7. Oh, that is so cute. You did a fabulous job. Love it.
  8. Very pretty. Love it. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the pattern. I'm looking forward to making.
  10. It's adorable. Love it. Great Job!
  11. Oh, I love it! It's really neat. Definitely a conversational piece.
  12. They are just too cute. You did a wonderful job with them.
  13. They are so pretty. They'll love them.
  14. OMG, they are so beautiful. You do a wonderful job! Great job!
  15. Beautiful! It's adorable and so is your baby girl.
  16. Beautiful table, beautiful story from a beautiful person. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you and all Mother's!
  17. dlfoxy1

    Floral Quilt Afghan

    That is very pretty, and something that can be made from scrap yarn. Oh, so cool. I have lots of scrap yarn.
  18. Thank you so much. Tatting is one thing I've always wanted to learn. I was shown by a friend of our family who made a special trip from S. Carolina up to Pennsylvania to visit certain people a week after she came out of the hospital from having a cancerous tumor removed from her head. My parents and myself was one of those stops and she had it set in her mind to show me how to tatt in 20 minutes. It was so fast I couldn't get it. It is on my to do list. This might have just given me the incentive I needed. Thank you.
  19. It's absolutely gorgeous. I love it. Anything with roses......
  20. That is really neat looking. It must of been a little bit of a challenge. I made my first broomstick lace top this past year as a Christmas gift for my niece. She loves it. This hat would be a great accent piece.
  21. Hi there!! Welcome aboard from another Pennsylvanian! I'm an hour north of Philly. Hope to see you around alot and to see the neat things that you make. :cheer:lol:)
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