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    Doreen Fox
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    Married w/1 son (12), a Bassett Hound "Angel", a Cocker Spaniel "Lacy", a stray cat "Zero"
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    North Wales, PA
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    Crochet, Knit, Cross Stitch, Quilt, and gardening.
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    Since 1989 when I quit smoking.
  1. dlfoxy1


    That is just too cute! Great Job!
  2. Beautiful work. Great Job!
  3. I love all of your pieces. They are so cute. Great job!
  4. They are really nice. They look warm and cozy too!
  5. OMG! That is really beautiful and all the colors that you used. It's terrific.
  6. It's a beautiful pattern. You did a fabuloust job with it. The color's great too!
  7. Oh, that is so cute. You did a fabulous job. Love it.
  8. Very pretty. Love it. Good luck!
  9. Thanks for the pattern. I'm looking forward to making.
  10. It's adorable. Love it. Great Job!
  11. Oh, I love it! It's really neat. Definitely a conversational piece.
  12. They are just too cute. You did a wonderful job with them.
  13. They are so pretty. They'll love them.
  14. OMG, they are so beautiful. You do a wonderful job! Great job!
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