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  1. I -just- got my 15 in the mail last night on my way home from work! (I tried to go before work, but surprise construction and related traffic forced me to bail so I wouldn't be late. Ugh) But they're off!
  2. Yep, not far at all... though you're in the "boonies," while I'm somewhat closer to "civilization." *giggle* This snow... is slowly... driving... me... MAD!!! My husband and I were on a cruise in the Carribbean from 1/14 through 1/20. Coming home on 1/20 to 6" of snow -- and 1/4" of ice UNDER that snow on our car in the airport parking lot -- was a RUDE awakening. Of course, it's snowed every day since we got home!! *WAH* *wishes she was still on the boat* However... I have a friend in Newfoundland, Canada, who has been getting dumps of 12" or more every other day... so... Rochester ain't lookin' so bad, after all! But... at least winter is back to "normal" for a while around here.
  3. Greetings from Rochester! It has snowed EVERY day since I got back from my Carribbean Cruise... AUGH! But, such is life in WNY!
  4. I just got back from vacation, so I need to box up all the ones I made and get them out of here! I need to make some tags. Maybe that's what I will do this afternoon.
  5. It must be just your local store... I assume you have a smaller store? Edit: I was looking at the store locator, and it looks like Newburgh is the closest to you, by your location. Am I right. That looks like a traditional store, by the listing. It looks like the closest current superstore to you is West Nyack! Maybe you're getting a superstore? I know we're getting a batch of new managers at my store in April (we train them), so there's hope...
  6. I got an e-mail yesterday that the deadline is, in fact, January 31! ------- Happy New Year! The scarf or scarves you sent in last year were so appreciated by us and no doubt by our students who raved and sent in photo after photo of the scarf that arrived for Valentine’s Day! Thank you again. The packages of scarves are starting to arrive and we hope you have sent or are planning to send in one or a couple of your lovely creations. Please send by January 31, 2007 to the address below c/o “Care Package”. You may include attached a note of encouragement, gift card, book of stamps or candy. If you need more details, please go to http://www.orphan.org and click on the Red Scarf logo. You will easily see the Red Scarf info. Our best to you in the New Year and thank you again for your support of foster youth and their futures! Best, Annalisa and all of us at OFA Annalisa Assaadi National Events Coordinator ------
  7. Another vote for Encyclopedia of Crochet! I've also been known to give it as a gift!
  8. All I've seen is to ship ONLY in January. Last year, I think it was January 30th... but I'm not 100% sure. *checks site* The site doesn't say... but I recall that these scarves are "valentine" packages, so I think Jan 30 is still a good goal. Mine will be shipped by then.
  9. I still have one to get done, and I am leaving to go on a cruise in a week and a half, so I have WAY too much to get done before we go to get mine shipped off before WE ship off... LOL! I'll have to get them out after we get home! I think I have 10 to send... not sure... LOL!
  10. Just a -couple- hours.... I'm just down the Thruway in Rochester.
  11. Welcome from a transplanted Jersey Girl! (born and raised, but living in WNY now)
  12. Aaah... ok. I never look at the web site, honestly... heheheh... The main reason the stores dicontinue items is usually poor sales... but who knows.
  13. We sold a yarn winder? I was not even aware of this! LOL!
  14. Welcome from Rochester! I know what you mean about people thinking you're from the Bronx when you say you live in New York... it's a BIG state, people! I live closer to CANADA than NYC... LOL!
  15. Another vote for Wool-Ease... I also noticed Caron Simply Soft now comes in a range of tweed colors, and some of them are perfect for guys!
  16. I'm not sure, but there is a whole section of the forum devoted to both topics! http://www.crochetville.org/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=40 I bet someone who frequents that section can answer your question... or... the answer could already be there.
  17. My list was so long ago, I don't even recall everything on it... but all I have left to complete now is a set of boxes (from Simple Crochet), a cat blanket, and a dog sweater. If I don't get to the blanket or the sweater, no biggie... I already made three of each for the people they are for... I'd like to give them four, but time will tell.
  18. I keep 'em as pets, and nope, I don't see it. LOL! Maybe because there are no pink ears, and the tail isn't pink...
  19. It's clearly a kitty cat... anyone who can't see that is dumb! LOL!
  20. They're cranking them out lately because of the holidays. ;D
  21. No, you don't have to make a purchase, but you should get your mailing label scanned periodically. They assume that if you haven't been in for a while, you're not interested in the flyer anymore, so they try to save money and a few trees by not sending you something they think you may not want anymore. You can always send your address label in with a friend or relative, and get it scanned. We do that for people all the time. And it's not every other month... it's closer to three months (aka quarterly). It's funny how every store seems to give out a different story, though... what I've posted is what I know from my store... and we're a pretty big stickler for following corporate policy and knowing it well. My stepmother once had a Jo-Ann store manager tell her that a gift card purchased in their store HAD to be used in their store (she was mailing it to me from CA to NY). That's complete bull... they can be used in ANY store. I don't understand why a manager would tell a customer that... other than tricking them so that store gets the credit for the sale... because the store where the card is redeemed gets the credit (aka my store, in this case... heh). But after hearing her story, I was embarassed that someone had that kind of experience in another store, much less someone related to me! *sigh*
  22. Oh I never said don't go! LOL! Those sales pay my bills! Haha! I just meant be nice to us! LOL!
  23. Every once in a while, I don't get one... I've never been dropped from the list entirely, but I have been "skipped" now and again. It happens a couple times a year. Sometimes I think the post office screws up, and doesn't deliver them when they're supposed to, or at all... they seem to think they're junk mail... AS IF!! We got handouts in our store, so there's a chance that some stores will still have some left. There was a "save 20% on your purchase" between 6 and 9 am, a "save 10%" from 9 am to noon, and a 50% off one regular price item. One set for Friday, one set for Saturday. Good luck shopping everyone! And please have mercy on us Team Members...
  24. You couldn't PAY me... oh. Wait. Yes you can.... I have to WORK from 12 - 5 today. LOL! If you haven't gone out yet, please have mercy on us retail employees! We're only human, and we're probably more stressed out than you are!
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