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  1. Now= they WILL accept a 50% off coupon from michael's? Even if Joann doesn't have one for this week????


    As far as I know, we've been accepting them. I am not on register very often, I will admit. But I do work for one of the most anal-retentive stores in the entire company when it comes to policy! LOL!

  2. The Jo-Ann company policy is that they will accept competitor's coupons on anything that BOTH stores sell.


    Yes to yarn. No to fabric. :)


    Any Jo-Ann store that does NOT do this is defying company policy... not cool.


    Jo-Ann will accept any number of coupons you have, AS LONG AS THE BAR CODES ARE DIFFERENT.


    Two newspaper coupons? No.

    Two identical Michael's coupons? No.


    One newspaper ad, one Michael's, one AC Moore, one from your mailer... YES! All of them. :)


    The only exception is that they will not take two mailer coupons... so, if you had yours, and your sister's, even though the bar codes are different, they are essentially considered the same coupon. They are just "personalized" for two different people (complete with names!), but they ARE the same coupon. ;)


    I hope that clears things up. :D


    For those that think it's odd that we accept each other's coupons, it's really not. We want you to spend money in OUR store, not theirs. So, we'll take their coupons so you buy more stuff from us! LOL! We're saving you gas, too! LOL!

  3. If it was clearance yarn, all clearance items have a "deadline" to be sold by... if they're not, it's a write-off, and it's discarded, per company policy. It sucks.


    I wish they'd donate it, too, but I don't get to make up the rules. *sigh*

  4. Ah...I live in an English country town so we get the fruit and veg like everyone else, but there's stalls selling clothes, loads of old toys, books, films, there's plant stalls, wool, crafts, food...it's a lovely atmosphere. It's made better by the farmers' market. Everyone's happy wandering about looking for stuff...well, here's a very small shot of it:


    It just dawned on me that we have some of those things at our Public Market, too, but they're usually cheap knockoffs and bootlegs of "urban" fashion. LOL!

  5. The closest we have to what I think you're talking about is the Public Market in the city (Rochester), but most of the vendors there are fruits, vegetables and meats from local farmers. Not much in the way of cool, non-food stuff like wool. :)


    (cheap fruits and veggies, though! :D)

  6. Just got mine yesterday...


    Oddly, I know from my boss that there aren't many major changes between the rest of the sale week and Black Friday. Usually I end up stuck there until 11pm on Wednesday night, helping with sale set, but most of the sale is being set on Saturday night for Sunday, with minimal changes on Wednesday night... I'm only scheduled until 9:30 pm -- WOO! :D


    SO... for most of the sales, you DON'T have to wait until Friday... ;)


    I'm looking at the ad now... items of interest:


    Friday Door Buster (6 am - Noon)

    - $34.99 rolling totes, including a yarn one

    - $29.99 folding 13 watt Ott Lite

    - 20% total purchase coupon (6am - noon only)

    - 50% item coupon (all day)


    Saturday Door Busters (6 am - Noon)

    - 20% total purchase coupon (6am - noon only)

    - 50% item coupon (all day)

    (no knit/crochet doorbusters)


    Fri-Sat-Sun 3-Day Sale

    - Patons Classic Wool - 2 for $6

    - Knifty Knitter Gift Loom Set - $12

    - Red Heart Super Saver - $1.89

    - Sensations Rainbow Boucle or Rainbow Classic - 2 for $10

    - Caron Pounders - 2 for $8


    Holiday Kick-Off (Sun 11/18 - Sat 12/1)

    - Classes 25% off, with 20% supply coupon - had to throw that in... it's my department ;) Tomorrow, btw, is Class Preview Day. ;)

    - Lion Brand Homespun - $3.79

    - Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick - $4.29

    - Lion Brand Wool Ease - 2 for $4

    - Lion Brand Chenille Thick & Quick - 2 for $10

    - TLC Essentials - 2 for $6

    - Lion Brand Fun Fur - 2 for $5



  7. JoAnns is going Debbie Mumm crazy this Christmas!!


    Tell me about it! LOL! :help


    I'm all Debbie Mummed out! LOL!


    Of course, that's because I wrangle the classes for our store, and we've got related classes planned through February (and probably beyond). The January "Debbie Mumm Project of the Month" looks fun... it's a quilting class.


    No knit/crochet yet. My store has the yarn, but I'm not head over heels about it... probably because of the price, as was mentioned. I guess the color selection doesn't really bowl me over, either... I'm much happier with Vanna's Choice.

  8. Jo-Ann's ain't goin' nowhere. ;)


    I've worked there for 7 years now. If something that big was up, we'd know about it (employees). They're very communicative about overall company performance and any sweeping changes -- to be honest, the demise of a few competitors lately (Hancock's, Rag Shop) in some markets has actually been a help. That's all I can say, though. If you want more information about earnings or anything like that, you need to go through official channels (read: contact them directly).


    They DO close underperforming stores, and have been opening new superstores here and there. That's normal business -- any business that wants to stay viable does that. That's all that's been happening. I'm sure for some people, though a closing store means the company's in trouble. That's absolutely not the case -- if one store isn't cutting it, it's not financially intelligent to keep it open. :)


    We've got three superstores in our area, creating a triangle around the city, and they're all doing great. :)

  9. I read somewhere it should be as long a you are tall. So since I'm 5'1", all my scarves are short!


    That's a nifty guideline. :D


    I make scarves for the Red Scarf Project, and their suggested guideline is 5" wide and 60" long. I usually make them wider and longer. :D


    They say that your "wingspan" (fingertip to fingertip) is equal to your height... so when I am making scarves, I usually try to make them that long (I'm 5' 7"). :)

  10. For regular worsted, I prefer the Caron Simply Soft, Caron Pounders, TLC Essentials and Heathers, and Lion Brand Wool Ease. Red Heart Super Saver is much too hard on my hands...


    Red Heart Soft, Bernat Satin, and Vanna's Choice are all very nice, too. :)

  11. I would definitely go be weight to find a similar-type yarn, however, I would purchase it by yardage. Find out the yardage of each ball that the pattern calls for, then the yardage for the possible substitutions. Even if the weight of a yarn is similar in thickness, it's actual weight on a scale might be different, so your yardage could be affected. In the end, it's the length of the yarn that gets you to the end of your project! LOL!

  12. The associates are not all that friendly either ...


    Over the weekend I finally decided I will never again step foot in another Wal-Mart for as long as I live. After getting a few items I needed I proceeded to the checkout where I stood in line for 45 minutes. :angry


    Speaking as a shopper, and not as an employee for the competition, my experience has been similar... no one in the Michael's near me ever seems to WANT to be there. Everyone is so glum and bored and not interested in being friendly or helpful.


    Re: Wal Mart... UGH! I hate HATE going in there. I only go in when I am desperate. We ended up in there for shoelaces and a couple other things in early September... they didn't have the other things, so we just got the shoelaces... it took us 7 different registers and 30 minutes to escape! AUGH!


    You know how they do stories every holiday season about how holiday shopping makes men's heart rates go up, etc.? That's how Wal Mart makes me feel year round. I avoid it as much as I can! *shudder*

  13. It's strange how each store differs so widely... I always assume all the superstores are like mine (and the two others in our area), but I guess that's not always the case!


    We've got two full aisles of yarn (both sides), a half aisle (one side yarn, one side the beginning of kids' crafts), and the back wall. There is another whole aisle of related supplies, half books, half tools.

  14. Wonder if our Joann's will ad match. The Michaels in our area never has a well stocked area of Vanna's yarn. There are always empty bins...




    Yes, the company policy is that we will price match on the same item. :D


    If your local store won't, they're violating company policy, and you can contact corporate and tattle on them. LOL!


    Right now, in my store, Vanna's on an endcap, so I don't know if it will be a permanent addition to the store stock. Better get there while it lasts!


    (bought my first skein this weekend to make myself a pair of mittens -- they had the perfect dusty purple that matches my coat -- I like it a lot!! :D )

  15. I had Federal jury duty in 2005, and I had no problems getting my crochet hook in. I did use plastic.


    I put my yarn pendant cutter on my keychain (I have a big keychain with lots of junk hanging off it); they didn't even flinch. They made a bigger deal about a package of 8 roller pens I had in my bag, which looked funky on the x-ray. LOL!

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