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    im a mom of a beautiful 2 yr old daughter.
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    rural area of ohio
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    crocheting, reading, cooking
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    stay at home mom
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    baby items
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    ive been crocheting since i was a teenager when my mom showed me how.
  1. Iam wanting to make some caddy bags to donate to my local nursing home but I can not find a pattern for it . Can anyone help me and direct me in the right direction or give me a pattern to use? Thanks in advance! -Angela
  2. I live in ohio and it is starting to get cold here. So i was wanting to make some scarfs for the homeless in our area. I have a church that helps the homeless I will be donating them to. But i am unable to find a scarf pattern that is for a longer scarf for adults. if anyone could help me out that would be great Angela:crocheting:hook:manyheart
  3. What does VST in this pattern stand for? Im a beginner crocheter so was not sure what it meant.
  4. how do you make such things with the characters in it
  5. i am still seeking any crocheter , knitters , etc that would be interested in joining a group in or around wayne county ohio. I would like to create a group and be able to create items with our gifts that we can donate to local people , such as pregnacy care center in wooster , or every womens house, or any other group or family that we may know of that would need our help and benefit from our gifts. The group would meet once a month to share ideas, suggestions, and collect items to donate . We can rotate who takes the items to the donation place so that way everyone is sure they are going to the proper places. look forward to any interested crocheters, knitters, etc....
  6. still working on the blankets i think im going to start some baby booties now . any one have an easy pattern
  7. i have visited your blog u are doing some great work and thank u again for the help
  8. just got done making 2 more baby blankets going to finish as many as i can this weekend take pictures and then donate them now that it is starting to get colder here in ohio
  9. thank you very much for the package i got it today in the mail . everything is beautiful and greatly appreciated .
  10. just got done with another baby blanket and starting on the next one today . Its raining here today seems non stop so what better to do to pass the time but crochet.
  11. thank you so very much . i appreciate all your hard work and thank you for hte plug
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