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  1. I have very little yarn but my crochet thread tends to grow especially this time of year. It must be the season.
  2. Welcome from Ohio. I had an aunt and uncle who lived in Pekin. They have been gone awhile now. Darlene
  3. Did you try Herrschner's they have a good selection.
  4. They have Sugar and Cream super size 5 @$10.00 it is really a good deal. They are regular $2.79 ea
  5. Wow that is so pretty very delicate
  6. I love to crochet with thread especially because it is amazing how that little thread can turn into a beautiful doily or other thread item. I also love to make thread potholders. I still do yarn though for dolls and other items like purses but thread has my heart.
  7. Welcome Linda from Columbus you will love it here. Darlene
  8. I was in a CAL and it turned out great. 1942 doily
  9. You have done a great job thanks for sharing Darlene
  10. http://myhq.com/public/c/r/crochetpoet/ This site has a lot of dish soap patterns and a million other ones too.
  11. Here is my basket sans the flower I made a handle instead. It looks better in person. Darlene
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