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  1. I was thinking next month is breast cancer awareness month and I got to thinking about the women who have been in my life who had passed because of this horrible disease and I thought it would be a sweet gesture to make one for the women in my family. The pattern is super simple just make the chain any length you want and for the wide ribbon use HDC stitch for one row and thats it fold it and sew on a safety pin on the back that will also secure the ribbon from unwinding. Here is the pic of the first one I made. Remember these can be dressed up by sequins, beads or even the initials of someone special that has passed on.
  2. Hello there everyone!!!! LOL I know its early but I need some help. I am looking for some cute but easy Christmas patterns. I have a new baby nephew (this will be his first Christmas) and I would love to make him a stocking and I am looking for just some quick and easy ornaments to make. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. Forgive me if this is not the right forum but I am just curious why did you start crocheting? I am just curious. I think every person has a reason why they started that is important to them. Me I started for something I can do with my mother. She learned from a friend at her job (before she had her stroke) and she taught me. Now I teach her new stitches and she is still working on a blanket for my neice. One reason i want to keep it up is for one the memories and also I love making things that make people happy. Again I awould like to know what inspired you to start crocheting:hook
  4. I was wondering if anyone had this pattern or knew where I can find it. :thinkIt looks like a huge piece of sushi that is used to cover rolls of toilet paper so that it isn't so conspicuous. Any help in finding this pattern would be great! Thanks in advance:hug
  5. My Brother and I are HUGE anime fans :yayand of course this love has spilled over to his step-son who is a even bigger fan of the anime Naruto. He asked me to make him something to wear (I made his baby brother a beanie) and I thought if he wanted to be naruto for halloween he can use this for part of his costume. LOL yeah I know its not very straight but for without a pattern I think I did well LOL.
  6. I thought this newborn beanie pattern was too cute. Of course it can be enlarged to fit an older childs head. If I remember right it can be found on the lionbrand web site.
  7. :crochetingHello everyone here is some nice face cloths or hot pads (not to be used as potholders) that used a basic HDC stitch. Great patterns like this can be found on lionbrand or redheart, bernat, or even caron (s) yarn sites. Sorry i dont have the links but if I find the pattern I used I will post it soon.
  8. Hey there fellow crocheters I just finished a pumpkin project where I made the pattern up myself with a little "friend". Just please keep in mind that the picture with its little friend was before I was shaping:crocheting. Hope you all like it and any constructive help would be great. Thank you.
  9. MOrning everyone! I was looking through this antique crochet book my neice loaned me and I found this cute mohair shawl pattern. Well, it had this wierd abbreviation and I will type out the line (I would really appreciate it if someone could help me with it) make a knot stitch, sc in next long loop stitch, of pr r, repeat from (*) across. I put the term I didnt understand in bold. I looked through the whole book to see if I could find an explination and I could not. Again thanks in advance for any help I would love to do this pattern. But I want to make sure that I understand everything first.
  10. Thanks this one is pretty and what I like is you can change the border.
  11. EeDeeBird

    Hip shawls

    I love the look of the hip shawls and I would like to make one for myself can anyone please tell me where I can find one for an easy but pretty pattern for one. Thanks:crocheting
  12. Good Morning everyone!! My name is EeDee and I have been crocheting about 9 years. Not much to tell about me but I work at my local police department as the weekend dispatcher which it being a small town I can crochet inbetween calls. (my job is priority one of course) I love to do quick and easy projects but I am working on what I am calling the heirloom afghan. My Aunt started it I am going to work on it and I am going to try to get my mom to work on it. So that it can be something we can pass down through the generations. My mom taught me how to do basic chain and single, double and triple crochet. But, now I am teaching her stitches. I would love to do more patterns that would be for things used around my house and clothes like jackets and sweaters for my mother (plus-size) but I am just taking my time for now learning what I can so I can increase my skill.
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