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    Granny Square Question

    Hello, I'm sorry but I've not seen any granny square like you described, I hope someone here can help you. All of the ladies here are so helpfull. I to am looking for a granny square that starts with a circle then looks lacy and becomes a square. I saw it on knit and crochet today but by the time I could sit down and write it down, the person making it had finished it? I checked that website but there is nothing there? Please if anyone has an idea on this square or saw that episode its #203, I'd appreciate it a lot. Y.Marie
  2. Y.Marie

    Make a crocheted headband

    Hello Darski, You do wonderfull crochet projects, I just love all your doll patterns to. I do like this head band it looks lacy and light. Congratulations, Y.Marie
  3. Hello Crochet Dude, You do very nice crochet projects and all your projects are well done. I've had a chance to see you on tv on Knit and Crochet episodes. I was wondering since I missed the first part of when you started the crochet granny square that starts in a circle and finishes up in a square. Would it be possible for you to let me know where I can find that granny square pattern? I really would appreciate it very much, I've looked on the #203 episode and there is nothing there. Thank you, Y.Marie
  4. Y.Marie

    Seeking OWL Towel Holder

    Hello R3N331, I went to ebay and typed in owl towel holder in crochet search and a few came up, if you like try going there. I was thinking if its made with granny squares it can't be that hard to recreate. Good luck, Y.Marie
  5. Y.Marie

    Old patterns from the newspaper

    Hello Ken, Have you checked ebay auctions? I've seen some patterns on there like the patterns you described. Put in the search box the design number or designer name, after you go to crochet patterns on ebay. Good luck, Y.Marie
  6. Y.Marie

    Colorful Yarn Flower

    Hello Mimi, Thank you for the colorful yarn flower patterns, I like these flowers they can be used in lots of different ways. Y.Marie
  7. Y.Marie

    womans day website

    Hi ladies, Thank you for all your responces, I appreciate them all. I don't know how-to answer each one of you putting your answer here so here goes. AuntM, Thank you for the information on patterns at websites, it seems to be true some patterns are removed. CraftyZone, Thank you for both links, there is one on one link that almost looks like the one I'm looking for. The one that has the knit look. chsarrow, Thank you for the link but these aren't the one's I'm looking for. They are more snug to the foot and have front post and back post stitches in them. Have a nice day, Y.Marie
  8. Y.Marie

    womans day website

    I was wondering if anyone remembers a pair of crochet slippers on this website womans day, they are front post pattern? I know that I saw that pattern there and now can't seem to find it, please let me know if anyone remembers. I'd appreciate it alot, Y.Marie
  9. Y.Marie

    Sunflower Potholder

    Hi, Please count me in for the pretty Sunflower Potholder pattern, my kitchen is in that design. Thank you, Y.Marie
  10. Y.Marie

    womans day website

    Hi tobybob, Thank you for the sugestion, I'll try that. Y.Marie
  11. Y.Marie

    Scallop Potholders

    Hi there, I was just looking for that potholder all over the web,lol. I'm glad I came here you ladies are the best. I didn't realize I have that book, I do need a push from time to time. Thanks, Y.Marie
  12. Y.Marie

    Easter Amigurumi

    Hello ctawq, I received your cute Amis Easter patterns. Thank you very much, I hope mine come out as cute as your's. Happy Easter to you and your family, Y.Marie Note; Sorry about spelling your name wrong, I used a g instead of a q.
  13. Y.Marie

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, I'm glad to have been accepted and to have joined this wonderfull group of crocheting people. I like to crochet and have been for many years. When we married one of my sister in laws taught me how-to crochet by looking at a thread doily and counting the stitches. That is how I learned and still like thread projects but would rather crochet with yarn. My favorite things to crochet are dolls and dolls clothes but dishclothes, coasters, placemats are good to. I always like to read what other gals are making and get many ideas from them. I'm a home maker, we have six grown children some married and some at home living with us. We have four grand children to which we adore. We've lived in Indiana for many years. Happy crocheting, Y.Marie
  14. Y.Marie

    Easter Amigurumi

    How cute your Amis and everything else are. I PM'd ctawg but with Easter coming soon. I guess she is busy right now. I hope I'll receive the patterns too. Y.Marie
  15. Y.Marie

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone, Thank you for the nice welcome, I see there are so many ladies here from all over the USA. That is so nice to know. Thank you, Y.Marie