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    Delete please

    Hi Marycat, Thank you, Y.Marie
  2. Y.Marie

    Delete please

    Hi Marycat, Thank you for your interest in the books for sale I have. Y.Marie
  3. Y.Marie

    What is the difference between........

    Just putting my 2 cents in,lol To me a throw can be a babies blanket except heavier yarns for throws and lighter yarns for babies blanket. While an afghan can be big to cover people and put over a bed to cover it or regular size to just cover one's self. I think that's called a throw. Y.Marie
  4. Y.Marie

    What Site Do you Visit The Most?

    I visit Crochetville every day if possible but go to Crochet Patterns Central to, plus the daily free patterns website I have three, HGTV, Craftster and Ravelry. Y.Marie
  5. Y.Marie

    November 2009 table

    Hello Tampa doll, I love all kinds of dolls and your's are breath taking always thank you for sharring your seasonal tables. Y.Marie
  6. Y.Marie

    Christmas doily

    I like the Christmas doily, its so festive. Y.Marie
  7. Y.Marie

    Do you like Granny Squares?

    Yes, I like granny squares a lot, they are easy to remember how to make and can result in very nice projects. Y.Marie
  8. Y.Marie

    Christmas Stocking

    Hi, I checked the Christmas stocking picture and it is so pretty. Thank you for directing on where to see the picture. It is a nice stocking, I had never seen this stocking. Y.Marie
  9. Y.Marie

    Christmas Stocking

    Hello Hook and Yarn, I'm glad you found the stocking pattern you were looking for. I enjoy making any thing granny style. Would you pretty please post a picture of it? I'd appreciate it so much. I never heard of a one piece stocking pattern. Y.Marie
  10. Y.Marie

    Fabric/beads wreath

    Hi Nee, I thought so and thank you for the how-to website link. Your wreath looks very pretty and your embellishments are nice to. I made one sooo long ago that how-to is a good thing for me. Y.Marie
  11. Y.Marie

    Fabric/beads wreath

    Hi, Is this the fabric wreath that you cut small squares, some cut fabric with pinking shears? Then you poke those squares into a straw wreath and decorate like you want? It sure looks like that one. Y.Marie
  12. Y.Marie

    Stacked shells scarf

    Thank you Debi Y, I love simple scarf patterns and your's are nice. Thanks, Y.Marie
  13. Y.Marie

    Apples for the Teacher

    I like apples to and I've been looking for this doily, I would also like to know about this doily. If anyone has more information, please let me know. Thank you, Y.Marie
  14. Y.Marie

    My First Pattern :)

    Me to, just found your sock monkey pattern but I can't see the picture. Could someone add the picture so we can see it? Thank you for the pattern, YMarie
  15. Y.Marie

    Video on Spiral Scrubbie

    Thank you for the you tube video, I can now watch crochet videos and enjoy them so much. Y.Marie
  16. Y.Marie

    Ruffle scarf

    Hello Debi Y, Thank you for the very nice Ruffle Scarf pattern and picture. I've been making lots of ruffle scaves lately but gave away as gifts to family. Y.Marie
  17. Y.Marie

    Wedding Favor Ideas?

    Hello Treina, We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last November 2008. I crocheted bottle covers for the champane bottles with baby yarn that has a silver thread through it. They came out real nice. You could crochet small little baskets for your table candy, maybe put those small paper nut cup inside your crochet basket, fill then cover with tulle and decorate with ribbon. My daughter bought ceramic candy holders, she had our photo put in a ceramic frame, plastic champane small glasses with rice, wrapped with tulle and decorated with ribbon with our name and date. All this was on the tables for our guests, everything was so pretty. Y.Marie
  18. Y.Marie

    All Cotton White Rosary

    Hello Treina, Your white rosary is very pretty, I like crocheted rosaries, is that for your upcoming wedding? I've made some crocheted rosaries but not in white, I'll have to try a white one too. I also like your pretty rose garland, you are very creative. Y.Marie
  19. Y.Marie

    Scarf & a cowl

    Hello Jenn, Thank you for letting me know you used hook size K instead of P, but I already made your scarf with a P hook and homespun yarn. It came out very nice and it will be a birthday gift for my niece. It almost took a whole skien of that yarn. Sorry I don't have a camera to show my work, I wish I did. Thanks, Y.Marie
  20. Y.Marie

    Scarf & a cowl

    Jenn, Oh wow! Thanks for letting me know how you made the cowl. I do have a P hook and homespun yarn, I'm going to try making your cowl. I see that your scarf isn't very complicated and glad that you mentioned you made popcorn stitches for 1 row, I was wondering if that was a ruffle but now I know it's not. Thank you, Y.Marie
  21. Y.Marie

    Scarf & a cowl

    Hello Jenn, How nice your scarf and cowl are, my sister and I are into cowls right now. Could you let me know if there is a pattern out there for the cowl. Maybe a link to the pattern will help. I also would like information on your scarf, I like it alot. Thank you, Y.Marie
  22. Y.Marie

    Angel bookmarks

    Hello Anna, What a pretty set of angel book marks, I like angels very much. You are very creative, please add me to for your pattern in english. I would appreciate it so much. Thank you, Y.Marie
  23. Y.Marie

    Mr scarecrow

    I love Mr. Scarecrow, you did a wonderfull job. I have that issue and would like to make the scarecrow to. My crochet love is making dolls. Y.Marie
  24. Y.Marie

    pumpkin pattern?

    Hi, Maybe it is the great pumpkin applique, it isn't round and seems to have all the stitches you mentioned. I found it at Central crochet patterns under Halloween patterns. I hope this might help if it isn't the pattern your looking for. Y.Marie
  25. Y.Marie

    Granny Square Question

    Hi Renni C, Thank you for directing me to the blushing granng sq., you know I've gone to that website but didn't realize that is the granny sq. I'm looking for. Have a good day, Y.Marie