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  1. Hi Moomoo, I don't know how to go about getting a Bath Set from you and I like all your Bath Sets, they are all so pretty. My bath is in off white and Aqua. Thank you, Y.Marie
  2. Hi everyone, I just saw this thread about where to store the yarn and like the plastic container boxes. I store mine like that in my closet but since I have a small closet I have to take a box out when I need yarn. That's not all I have about four 13 gallon bags with yarn in there to. Help!! Y.Marie
  3. Hi Tampa Doll, I like your Purple Broom Doll and the Angel Cookie Cutter, you do nice work with everything you make. My love is dolls too. Y.Marie
  4. Hi Tampa Doll, I like the flowers and butterflies on your tree, very pretty. Y.Marie
  5. I love your chickens Peggy, your always doing so many things that are nice. Y.Marie
  6. Please add me to in finding the flower scrubbie, I like the scrubbie too and would like to make some. Thank you, Y.Marie
  7. How pretty, everything you crochet is very nice. Y.Marie
  8. Peggy, How pretty your Pansy afghan is, I to don't like too many flowers and you put just enough flowers on the afghan. You do fast crochet because putting squares together is extra work. Y.Marie
  9. Y.Marie

    Dog for my nephew

    What a cute doggie, I'm afraid to work with 2 colors or more? I don't think I could handle more than one color in a project. Y.Marie
  10. Y.Marie

    Tea for Two

    Aww, pretty tea set plus cookies ? Yummy and a good idea. I've always wanted to make a crochet tea set and haven't yet. Y.Marie
  11. Very pretty flowers and it will be a gift remembered for long time. Aren't daughters great? My one daughter never learened how-to crochet but I make her things for her home and for her. I hope your daughter is feeling better and gets well soon. Y.Marie
  12. Hi Tampa Doll, I love your May table what beautifull work you do. I love all kinds of dolls and your's are beautifull. I like your beautifull tablecloth to, is that from a special book? Y.Marie
  13. Hi Contrary Crocheter, I didn't know what kind of curtains to buy for my kitchen and when I saw your tea cosy set I bought a coffee set of curtains and some kitchen towels with coffee cups. I did make a towel topper with the desigh you made on your towels. Your tea cosy set is very nice, you do nice work. Thank you, Y.Marie
  14. Hi Kathy, Thank you so much for all your help on the Then and Now afghan pattern, I'll try as you say and I hope mine is as good as your swatch and suggestions. Thank you, Y.Marie Hi Kathy, It's me again Y.Marie, I wanted to tell you the instructione you gave me and the diagram you made, are the best without your help I would still be trying to figure out the afghan stitches. I'm making sure I don't add anymore stitches as you suggested. I'm trying to use my yarn I have but know I'll have to get more yarn because I know I don't have enough yarn. Thank you again for all your help, Y.Marie
  15. Hello Ladies, I hope someone can help me with the Then and Now afghan on the Bernat website. They call it Then and Now February 2010 Eight color afghan. I've read the pattern over and over and have crochet up to Row 3 over and over to, the only thing I understand is the patterns says after Row 2 is the Last row forms the pattern? Wondering if I redo both rows or just continue the rest of the afghan with row 2? I'm also stuck on the peaks some call them hills? Since it seems I'll be filling the spaces going up the peak and coming down from the peak, is it normal to fill the extra spaces with more stitches as the rows continue? Like more v stitches or dc's? I've done one ripple afghan but none like this one. Please any help will be greatly appreciated by me, thank you Y.Marie
  16. Hello ladies, Now I need help on the 'Then and Now Afghan', to me it seems like the pattern either wasn't written out well or I don't understand it? I've only crocheted one ripple but the kind where the stitches are closer together. I'm having trouble with the peak part where the pattern says put 1 dc with 1 chain inbetween next 3 dc's, then 1 more dc all in same stitch. But the following 2nd row at that peak, this is where I get confused because pattern says do v stitch going up towards the peak before making 1 dc with chain 1 between next 3 dc's plus 1 dc, then back down making another v stitch. It does say Last row forms pattern. Now do I crochet the following rows like row 2? To me it seems I'll need to add more stitches going towards and coming down from the peak to fill in the v stitches to in the following rows? Please if anyone can help me, I'd appreciate so much, Thank you, Y.Marie
  17. Hello CrochetedSass, Thank you for answering my request, a lady found the afghan I was looking for in searching. Y.Marie
  18. Hi LuvMaxine, Wow that long ago huh? I did like it as soon as I saw the afghan ad in the magazine. I know I saw that afghan pattern before but couldn't remember where. Maybe it was online before too. Have a nice day, Y.Marie
  19. Hi Losingmymind 2, Thank you, thank you so much that is the afghan I was looking for. I'm glad you saw it to and sent the link, I copied it right away and will try to make it with the yarn colors it says or with my yarn colors I have. Have a nice day, Y.Marie
  20. Hello ladies, I understood there is a granny ripple pattern on Crochetville but I can't find it? Could someone please direct me to the right place, I'd appreciate it so much. The ripple I'm looking for is like a v stitch ripple, more open at and by the stitches, not closed then open? I saw it in a ad in crochet or crochet today magazine and understood it was on bernat website and I checked there and everywhere it seems and can't find it. Your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Y.Marie
  21. Hi ladies, I made several of the crochet more website with 2 color yarns and decorated it with a bead for center of a chain flower. Chain flower make a five petal chain flower then put a bead in the center. They came out cute. Y.Marie
  22. Hi Debbi-a1, Thank you for letting me know about the booklet, I checked and the one I'm looking for looks like an open ripple afghan. Thank you, Y.Marie
  23. Hello everyone, I saw an ad in Crochet or Crochet Today magazine about a Then and Now ripple afghan. I've searched all over it seems and can't find that pattern? I was pretty sure it said Bernat website I have searched that website and nothing is there? Has anyone else seen this afghan advertised? Please help me if possible, I'd appreciate so much. Thank you, Y.Marie
  24. How cute, thank you. Y.Marie
  25. Have you tried Crochet Central, they have lots of Barbie doll patterns. Y.Marie
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