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  1. Y.Marie

    crocheted curly clown

    Please me too I would like the pattern for the clown. Thank you, Y.Marie
  2. Y.Marie

    Dishcloth Bouquet

    Hello Michele, Thank you for this idea, I was just looking to make a bouquet of flowers and I'm glad you gave me this idea. Your bouquet came out real nice and your mom will love it. Y.Marie
  3. Y.Marie

    I'd like to be a crochet....

    Hi, I think I was born to rewind yarn or thread. Seems like I do that a lot, lol My fantasy is to be able to crochet anything I like without a pattern, I'm pretty good at coping something if I see it and can count the stitches. Y.Marie
  4. Y.Marie

    Would anyone like a rosary?

    Hi Becky, Thank you so much for the beautifull rosary, I received it all ready. I like it very much, you make very nice rosaries. Y.Marie
  5. Y.Marie

    Hard Cover Books for Sale CLOSED

    Hello Crafti2750, I sent you a PM and I'm interested in 101 Easy Scrap Crochet Projects and I might be interested in Annies Favorite Quick and Easy Projects to. Is this book in crochet? Please let me know. Y.Marie
  6. Y.Marie

    Lady of Guadalupe

    Thank you Empress Busy Bee for posting all those links and it is true the first link looks like the Virgen De Guadalupe and its possible to make it into a rectanglei and maybe frame it? I thought I saw a cross stitch of the Virgen De Guadalupe in a catalog put out by Herrshners, but it was some time ago. Y.Marie
  7. Y.Marie

    Angel Rag Doll tested

    Hi Peggy, You did a nice job on this cute angel, I love angels too. Y.Marie
  8. Y.Marie

    I finally made an attic 24 bag :)

    Vert pretty, I like the colors you combined. Y.Marie
  9. Y.Marie

    Chrysanthemum Dishcloths

    Hi Katrala, You did a good job on the dishcloths, I remember making those in #10 thread. Long time ago but like them now in cotton yarn. Thank you for helping with the down and up of the dishcloth pattern. Y.Marie
  10. Y.Marie

    Sock-Hop Sandy

    Hi Tampa Doll, Awww how nice your sox hop Sandy doll is, reminds me of the good old days when I was a teenager. I always wore soxs and loved the Poodle skirt. You do such nice work on all you do, I to love doll making. Y.Marie
  11. Y.Marie

    Annie needs a new home! We have a winner!

    Hello, Adding my name for the drawing of the doll. Y.Marie
  12. Y.Marie

    Manny Minion

    Hi TampDoll, How cute, I want one to. Ever since I saw the announcements of the movie I've liked all the Mannys. Tampa Doll you did a very nice job of crocheting him. Y.Marie
  13. Y.Marie

    Doll blankets photos added post 17-18

    Hi Kathy, I like the spiderwed afghan and your's are real pretty. I made one long time ago and I believe it was on a label of a skein of Jiffy yarn? Mine is pink but not too big. I did buy a book from LA and have yet to make another spiderwed afghan. Y.Marie
  14. Y.Marie

    Doll blankets photos added post 17-18

    Hi Kathy, Wow, how nice all your blankets are and colorfull. Thank you for mentioning the how you did the edge of the ripple blanket. My sister is making a ripple and didn't know what edge to use and I told her about your ripple blanket with an edge. Y.Marie
  15. Y.Marie

    Doll blankets photos added post 17-18

    Hi Kathy, How nice of you to make and give to charity for Christmas doll blankets. The picture reminds me of the afghan you helped me with that I didn't understand? I like the edge too, very nice. Y.Marie
  16. Y.Marie

    Bridal bolero/shrug wanted

    How nice of you to make each bridesmaid a shrug and how pretty the shrugs are. I like the knitted ones but can't knit either. From the choices the ladies put here in the links you might even come up to a pattern of your own. Good luck, Y.Marie
  17. Y.Marie

    Poker-themed coasters?

    I've never done Tunsian crochet. Would it be too bulky to just make sc's for the coaster. Then separtly make each shape for each card; heart spade, ect. and sew on the coaster, for the poker themed coasters? Just a suggestion maybe in a thinner yarn or thread. Y.Marie
  18. Y.Marie

    Kelly and Fashion doll dresses

    I like both of your dolls, they are very pretty. Y.Marie
  19. Y.Marie

    Crochet Coat hangers

    Hi Clare, How pretty, I like making Crochet Coat Hangers and thank you for the you tube link. Y.Marie
  20. Hi Lillibet, I wish I had some black yarn but since its too dark for me to work with, I don't have any. I hope someone has some for you soon. Good luck, Y.Marie
  21. Hi Glenda, Yummy, I like sweet things.Please add me to your list. Y.Marie
  22. Y.Marie

    June 2010 bathroom tank cover sets give a ways:

    Hi Moomoo, I don't know how to go about getting a Bath Set from you and I like all your Bath Sets, they are all so pretty. My bath is in off white and Aqua. Thank you, Y.Marie
  23. Y.Marie

    How do you store your yarn?

    Hi everyone, I just saw this thread about where to store the yarn and like the plastic container boxes. I store mine like that in my closet but since I have a small closet I have to take a box out when I need yarn. That's not all I have about four 13 gallon bags with yarn in there to. Help!! Y.Marie
  24. Y.Marie

    Angel and Broom Doll

    Hi Tampa Doll, I like your Purple Broom Doll and the Angel Cookie Cutter, you do nice work with everything you make. My love is dolls too. Y.Marie
  25. Y.Marie

    May 2010 Tree Flowers and Butterflies

    Hi Tampa Doll, I like the flowers and butterflies on your tree, very pretty. Y.Marie