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    I am the quiet nice girl you see sitting in the corner observing everyone else.
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    Not too far from my stash!
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    Crochet!! Cooking, baking, crafts, movies, travel, reading
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    Stay at home Mommy during the day, work at night for Postal Service
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  1. Crochet Fanatic

    Oh So Soft Baby Washcloths

    Thank you!
  2. Crochet Fanatic

    Emma's Penguin Pal Scarf

    So cute!
  3. Crochet Fanatic

    Daisy Hat

    So cheerful! Cute!
  4. Crochet Fanatic

    Cute earflap hat tested for chriscrochetcrazy

    Very cute!
  5. Crochet Fanatic

    Is there a substitute?

    DMC Senseo is a good substitute as well.
  6. Crochet Fanatic

    baby outfit

    So sweet!
  7. Crochet Fanatic

    baby hat I made

    How cute!
  8. Crochet Fanatic

    my daughters V-day outfit!

    So cute! And what a cute model too!
  9. Crochet Fanatic

    Calorimetry in black

    Very nice...it's great to see a crocheted version of this popular pattern, way to go!
  10. Crochet Fanatic

    Blue & Pink Afghan

    Really pretty!
  11. Crochet Fanatic

    I made a teenage boy happy!

    Great work! What an original idea!
  12. Crochet Fanatic

    Santa Purse

    Too cute!
  13. Crochet Fanatic

    my 'suede' bag

    Very cute!
  14. Crochet Fanatic

    Ring A Rosy Tea Cosy (and some dishcloths)

    Totally cute!
  15. Crochet Fanatic

    Angelika Lace Shawl

    Just beautiful!