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    I'm 21 and I love to crochet! My mom taught me a wave when I was 10 and now I can read patterns.
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    11 years
  1. Hey everyone! I just finished this afghan. It was really quick to do and I think it's so cute. I used Bernat worsted yarn and 4.5mm hook. I used this pattern: http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/AfghansThrows/WR1639+Crochet+Filet+Bunny+Afghan.htm
  2. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I just love sharing It came from "Crochet: The Complete Guide" by Jane Davis. My boyfriend got me the book for my birthday. The patterns aren't full blankets but just samples of all different stitches and shells and waves. It's fun trying them out and you can make them any size and colour you want! No full patterns!
  3. Hi everyone! I just finished this wave afghan. The pattern was called shamrock ripple and I found it in a crochet book I got. It was really fun to crochet. Nice variation of a plain wave, I thought. I used Phentex worsted yarn and a 5.0mm hook.
  4. Thanks for all the compliments everyone! This was were I foudn the pattern I used http://www.coatsandclark.com/Crafts/Crochet/Projects/AfghansThrows/LW1335+Hearts+and+Diamonds.htm I really enjoyed doing it. CrazyCrochet, I hope to see yours when you're done it!
  5. I just finished this free Hearts and Diamonds pattern! It only took me three weeks (probably about 30 hours). I really liked it. Fun pattern to crochet.
  6. Hi all! I bought the Owen's Bear pattern from Roxy Craft and added a few of my own touches and here is what I ended up with! Tim's Bear
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