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  1. Actually there is no law what-so-ever that states you cannot sell created items, no matter where the pattern comes from. The ones who say not to sell created items have no clue what they are talking about. People who make things can sell them with no worries, even if the "site" or "person" says they cant. Feel free to look into this yourselves guys. And yeah.. I agree with you, I think its pretty selfish to even say something like that to people... and its just plain incorrect.
  2. Thank you so much darski!! this is just what i was looking for You are one talented lady!!!!!
  3. and by the way that is the best pom-pom i have ever seen
  4. Stunning!!!!!!! Thank you so much for the pattern!!
  5. i would love the link to the blog please! great looking hat! i love it!
  6. I have been trying to make myself the perfect pair of slippers. I made a pair that looks cute but was a tad bit to big so i am going to give the pair to someone but the big ol' ugly ones are the ones that ended up being perfect! I used thick and quick. I also made a sole with just a rectangle of sc with a few decreases at the toe for the point. it makes them soft as a cloud! Love em If anyone is interested i can write up a pattern of how i did it. Thanks for looking!
  7. I made this hat for my friend about a year ago. Its black and light pink. I think the little pom-pom's on the ends of the braids are totally cute!!! Thanks for looking I made this hat around the same time last year for another friend. Its a brown yarn with the flecks of other colors (its the redheart stuff). There is a REALLY cool patch i sewed on the top of the hat that totally brought it all together. it was a leaf that looked very crafty and like patch work. I forgot to take a picture of it but it looks nice on it
  8. I made the newborn one first just following the pattern so i could see how it works... then was easily able to modify it by adding rows and stitches to fit my daughter. I will be making alot more of these I am sure!! I loved it and turned out VERY cute with the Chunky Softee twists (bernat) bulky yarn. I am dying to try it in the homespun. That stuff scares me though LOL I made a hat also. I will link patterns. Thanks for looking! "baby its cold outside" : http://www.crochetme.com/node/110/print "hat" : Cant find the link but its a simple beanie in the round, skipping and chaining over the place you see the butterfly. After the butterfly area is as long (vertically) as you want, you chain half way and do a long SC over all the chain spaces,(in the middle of the spaces as seen in picture) then chain to the end of the space.
  9. Thanks so much for this pattern!! I have made 2 already and now alot of family members want one lol I loved your color choices so I used them as well. thanks again!!! Its a great pattern!
  10. Hello Hoping someone here might know of a charlie brown sweater pattern. I have had no luck finding a crochet version online. Please let me know. thanks so much!
  11. aww that is so sweet!! I just started teaching my daughter to crochet. she is doing so well at it! we are currently working on a simple round pouch with single crochet all around ( no joining involved. She is 7 Its so cool to see our kids doing something that we enjoy so much! Thanks so much for sharing!
  12. Looks like they are all sold out of the patterns I would be interested in. Now I know what to look for though. thank you very much
  13. We are over on the Eastern shore of Maryland and my husband loves waterfowl lol Like... even likes to decorate with it (drives me crazy lol) Soo.... I thought if I crocheted him a Mallard duck or something like that he would like it. I have yet to make him anything (he is so picky) Any patterns you might know of would be awesome. Thank you!! ~Tonya♥
  14. Yep it was suppose to be 3/4 lol oops! thanks so much for your responses. Its a big help
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