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    Mother to a 26 yr old daughter and 4 dogs
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    Central Florida
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    crocheting, watching TV, vegetable gardening
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    afghans, baby blankets
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  1. Is there somewhere there are pictures of your snugglies? I would love to see all of them from everyone.
  2. Did you RR from herrschners lay flat. I made 2 of them using their yarn but both didnt lie flat. I am having trouble with Aggie May's pattern too., the only one that I get to lie flat is Lynns' pattern. I have to be doing something wrong!
  3. Thanks everyone. Most of the afghans I make are all one color and mostly varigated. No imagination
  4. So crochetdad you do one row of a color and then 2 rows of a color then 3 rows of a color then 5 rows of a color. and so on
  5. I have always wondered how do you know when to change colors?
  6. CrochetDad What brand of yarn do you use? You always have such wonderful colors when you do your RR.
  7. the rr I crocheted from Herrschner's pattern didnt lie flat either, dont know why but when I use Lynn's they do. I have to go back to both patterns and see why.
  8. I bought the big round ripple from them but both of them came out wavy, doesnt lay flat. I have been using Lynn's round ripple to do some projects for someone at work they turned out wonderful. Havent tried AGGie Mays yet but will soon.
  9. I am sorry for your gallbladder problem. Good luck with your wishes to become pregnant and with your upcoming surgery.
  10. WOW that is alot of weight in 2 weeks!!!!!
  11. I may join in, just found this last night and read until about 130 am, I was hooked and had to read all the entries and see how you guys were doing on your diets and exercise afghans/projects. Looking forward to see all the things as they progress. Mindy
  12. I have enjoyed reading all the post in the last day. I feel like I know some of you. I am interested in continuing to read about your progresses, like all of us, I could stand to loose some weight about 15-20 lbs. Congratulations on your weight loss. I like doing baby blankets because they go fast. In the last 2 months I have been doing small RR blankets for a friend who is using them to put them on her couch back and also doing a green camo blanket for another friends' son. Sorry for the long post but like I said I feel like I know you guys after 106 pages of reading about you guys in
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