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  1. https://d.facdn.net/art/vombatiformes/1340672985.vombatiformes_echo.jpg I'm so happy with how he came out! He was for a customer.
  2. Vombatiformes

    Jerboa Doll

    I made a jerboa doll for a commissioner a couple of days ago and I'm super super happy with the result. I didn't even know what jerboa WAS until I had to look up references for it. It turned out so cute I think, and jerboas are cute themselves!
  3. Thanks you guys. I want to make another one now, but I've run out of babies!
  4. I've never actually gotten around to making a baby blanket before, but my childhood friend Angela recently had a baby girl and I thought it was an excellent excuse to do a blanket. I did the bubble stitch baby afghan and did a shell border, both at the suggestion of the lovely people here. I crocheted the blanket with white and pink yarn, and the border is actually done with a plain white yarn and a sparkly white yarn together. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I can't wait for her to get it!
  5. I would love to post a pattern, but I actually don't have one! I kind of make them up again each time I do one. Next time I will be sure to write down what I do, though! Sorry about that. :<
  6. Due to the suggestions of multiple people here, I decided to try that bubble stitch baby blanket as my first baby blanket pattern. It's going SUPER well. I chose a combination of white and pink yarns to crochet with, and it is so cute. I will be giving the blanket to my childhood friend Angela, who just had a little girl last week and would be totally thrilled with such a nice gift. However, I would really like to give this blanket an edging, even though the pattern states that one isn't necessary. It's nice on it's own, of course, but I think a little flair around the edges would really make it stand out to her. Does anyone know of any good edgings that are not too difficult but would look appropriate on the bubble stitch baby blanket pattern? Thank you SO much. I will totally be posting pictures of this once it's finished! So proud!
  7. This pair of rats was commissioned by someone whose boyfriend just recently lost his two pet rats. I was given the pictures of each and told to re-create them in yarn, and I think they turned out quite nice.
  8. So, I inherited a bunch of baby yarn and have been wanting to try baby blankets for a while, but I can't seem to find any patterns that suit what I'm looking for. I mostly do amigurumi, so I am more than adept at single crochet, colorwork, double crochet, etc. I wanted to try out something a little more complicated than that stitch-wise, but not something too overwhelming, because I don't know very many stitches. Any suggestions for good easy/intermediate baby blanket patterns? Thanks!
  9. Thanks you guys! Actually, right after I posted this I got an offer online from the site where I post my gallery (for $40). So I guess she sold afterall.
  10. Vombatiformes

    Daisy Fox

    This is something I worked up fairly quick for an art show at an animal art convention I attended recently. :3 She didn't get any bids, but she was fun to make.
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