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  1. Hilarious! Cheeseburgers are my favorite food. The tomato just makes it for me! I'm just starting to crochet, but this is a project I can aspire to.
  2. NewGal

    Flower bag

    Your bag is one of the best things I've seen here! I love it!
  3. Thanks ctawq and Granny Square, for answering the questions I was asking. ctawq, your little bit of info was exactly what I needed to take a look at the crochet hook packaging one more time. It did say I9 and not 19, so that made sense finally, because that matched the 5.5mm. Granny Square, telling me that there were different conventions that may have changed also helped greatly by letting me know that these things aren't absolute. I also bought a hook for filet crochet, 1.5 mm. Size is 7, which matches the yarn i got for it, but which in the book is 1.65 mm. I don't know why it doesn't all match nicely, but I'm going to chalk it up to "different conventions." I finally figured out why my yarn label was showing two different metric sizes. One, the 5 mm, was for the yarn. Another seemed to be what I should consider the yarn to be for the "free pattern" that was printed inside. I hadn't realized that a pattern was printed on the label and don't know why they can't choose one that uses the same size that the yarn really is, but I don't plan to use it anyway. I finally opened the hook package and gave crocheting a try. Gor the base row done, I think. The book showed a chain stitch and a slip stitich, and they looked the same to me. I'm left-handed and the book only has right-handed pictures, so I can't quite tell which I'm actually doing. Tried a second row, single stitch and botched it, will try again today. Thanks.
  4. I bought some yarn and a hook today to try crocheting. I tried to match the hook size to the yarn, but I'm confused by the labels, package info and what the book I have says. I am in America, so these are American sizes. I am NOT working from a pattern, just want to try learning some stitches. So there is NO pattern to refer to. (I'm saying it like this because I posted on another board and even though I thought I was clear, people kept referring me to "the pattern" and mentioning other countries' sizes.) Okay, here's the problem: I bought some yarn and a crocket hook today. I tried to get the best size for the yarn, but I'm not sure I did. One place on the label has a little picture of a crochet hook and "5mm" by it. Another place on the label has the same picture, but "6mm" by it. Both are very clear, so it's not like one has a mark on it that may be changing the way the number looks. I bought a 5.5 mm hook. Got everything home and looked at a book I have with some info on crocheting. The book has a crochet hook size chart. for 5.5mm, it says "US size I" (meaning the letter between H and J, not the numeral before 2). The crochet hook package says it's 5.5 mm but "US zie 19." Can anyone out there explain the discrepancies? What size hook should I be using? Why are there two metric sizes on the same yarn label? Why is the US size on the hook package completely differenct from the sizes in my book? Which size is correct? Whew! Thanks.
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