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  1. Welcome! I live in Wintersville, Oh. Not too far from you!
  2. Just bought the pattern and can't wait to make it!! I hope mine looks half as good as yours!!
  3. I'm in!! Got plenty of time to do a bunch! Thanks for the info!
  4. If you still need labels I have a bunch of old ones on some yarn from ages ago. Some from Lee Wards and K Mart and I'm not sure what else. What a fun idea!! If you get enough you might be able to cover the entire cabinet!! PM your addy and I will hunt them up! Lin
  5. Momma kittie had six babies and were they ever a pain!! Every thing we own is in plastic! My metal hooks, my wooden hooks, my stitch markers! They are the most nosey and ornery kittens we have ever dealt with!
  6. Just across the border! I'm in Wintersville, Ohio
  7. I love them both!! Thanks for all the sweet comments!
  8. Thanks all for the kind remarks! The hook is fabulous to work with and very comfortable too and really....don't resist the pattern for the dish cloth it is fast and addictive to do!
  9. She is a fellow crochetviller. A very talented one too!
  10. I used my beautiful Jimbo hook to make this really fun and easy dishcloth by CroJulee. Thank you both for the hook and pattern!
  11. Thinking the good thoughts for Jobug! Thanks for the update and please keep us posted.
  12. Wow! I'm not far from the Ohio Valley Mall! Guess I'll be making a trip there soon! I have never heard of that craft store but am going to find out about it very soon. Thanks for the info.
  13. 9 to 10 wks for a tiny little girl like that is not too soon really. It seems like for ever to get her but she will be so much healthier.
  14. Hi from Wintersville! We are only about 40 miles apart!
  15. Did you find out what book it was from? I would love to be able to make one too.
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