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  1. That's so cute! I love the modifications you made to make it an original.
  2. They all have some cute patterns in them, but there's not too many I would make for myself. I think it depends on the age group you want to knit for.
  3. If the lady doesn't love it, then there has to be something wrong with her. It's beautiful!
  4. lindan

    Heart Blanket

    I don't remember seeing that pattern. Yours is gorgeous!
  5. Thanks, Kim. I'm new to garment construction, and I found your tips very helpful, especially those about using the mattress stitch. I can duplicate pretty much any stitch or pattern, but the finishing has always stopped me cold.
  6. Amie's tutorial is exceptional for learning to do this stitch.
  7. I really like the idea of being able to remove the handles for washing. I used bamboo handles on mine which will make it nearly impossible to wash.
  8. Great job! I'm terrible at putting colors together, so I really admire the way you combined yours.
  9. I agree with JoAnn when she mentioned that it used to be much better. I don't plan to renew my subscription this year. It's had some good afghan patterns in it, but I don't care for the wearables at all. I like Crochet Today! the best of any magazines I've subscribed to.
  10. lindan

    summer jacket.

    knittingfever.com also has the online books.
  11. Great job! It's a lovely sweater and a lovely little girl.
  12. Lots of cute things in this one. I'm looking forward to owning this one. I haven't subscribed yet, but I need to.
  13. I want to make some Christmas items for friends at the school where I used to work. I hope to make eveyone a dishcloth, potholder, and towel topper. I just order the Peaches and Cream Christmas ombre last week. I made a list and there are 13 people to make for! It will definitely take me all summer to finish all of these. Perhaps this CAL would be a good incentive to keep me motivated.
  14. I have my squares finished, and I'm working on sewing them together. So far I have 12 squares sewn together for the back. I've gotten better at whipstitching them, but it's still pretty slow going. If I'm lucky, I should have the cardi completed by next winter. LOL
  15. If I knew who, I might be willing to subscribe to it for them so they would leave mine alone. I still haven't received my Feb./March issue, even though I've been corresponding regularly with customer service. I've received two offers to renew the magazine, though. It's funny that those don't seem to have any difficulty finding me, but I can't get my magazine delivered on time.
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