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  1. DD loved the erasers...the candy was mine!.....lol I can't wait to get started on the shawler. Both children are in outdoor sports until Oct. 31st. This is going to be perfect for sitting outside
  2. Guess what was on my porch???? MY PACKAGE!!! I'll be taking pics in a few, but am excited so I have to tell everyone what I got * 3 very large skeins of chunky yarn in awesome variegated colors * The Shawler pattern from Etsy that I've been eyeballing * 2 very cute sundae candles (did you make them?) * 2 bars are fruity soap * A colorful bath puff * A crochet hook and needles * Some very cool erasers and pencils for my kids for back-to-school (they love them ) * A cute little note pad * Some very yummy gummy candies and Smarties * Keri hand lotion * Crazy 8 cared game for the kids FYI: You have just made a 9 year old VERY happy...got the 'OMG'....lol Thank you Diana. Everything is wonderful! Please don't feel guilty about the other package. It comes when it comes. I really enjoy everything you've alrready sent. I'm going to be extra spoiled Off to take pics! Ok, so this is the only way that I know how to share pics http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?collid=541399626113&UV=76481558352_439719626113 I would also like to add that the peach gummies are yummy and gone
  3. Diana, I'm so glad you enjoyed everything. And obviously your children too I had made the chapstick holder in hopes that you could have it to yourself.....lol My mail hasn't come yet (they hire college kids for the summer who apparently work on their own schedule ). It would be really cool if we could get our packages on the same day. The tracking # said it arrived at 4:46 am this morning so I'm hoping
  4. Yay!!!! Can't wait for you to get it (jumping up and down clapping my hands).....hehehe
  5. I'm trying to find the wishlist for 2008, group 18?
  6. I've been keeping tabs too Seems as your package is getting close..... Can't wait for you to receive it!
  7. Mailed out my package today! Diana, I hope you enjoy everything. There's a mix of stuff in there for you and your children Mostly you though They said it should take between 6-10 days.....that's along time I know. But hopefully it will make it's way to you safely!
  8. Almost have my box chock full of goodies Just need to make a few more small things and we'll be ready to go!
  9. Haha, I thought I was the only one who watches the show religiously....lol
  10. Where are you going? Sounds fun! Don't feel rushed....I've just found some patterns and will be going shopping tomorrow Hope you have a great time on your trip!
  11. Hi! I'm excited too! I will email you later to get more specifics so I can figure out the perfect pattrn for you~
  12. Signed, sealed, delivered! Can't wait to start putting together a kit
  13. I got it! And surprisingly they left it in front of my second floor door. I live in a 3-decker....they've never done that before.....lol
  14. Sending out a big huge thank you to LadyKats for a fabulous package. She really put a big smile on my face I'm going to try and figure out how to post pics http://www.kodakgallery.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?collid=858651225113&UV=469380201563_387999125113 Hopefully this works. I received: Lots of yarn....great because I plan on making 'snuggies' for my kids 2 Beautiful bags: Lovely! A frog patch Yummy box of Tazo Chai tea An absolutely fabulous peace, love and happiness blanket sewn by my partner.....totally in love with this A bottle of really nice smelling perfume. You can see the blanket in the background of the picture with the yarn. Thank you so much Tracey. I know that you are going through alot right now and you are in my thoughts. I truely appreciate all that you did for me. Kim
  15. Oooohhhhhh! An original! That's very exciting! I can't wait to see
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