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    I'm a card carrying Nerd, and proud of it lol. I'm a proud mom, and wife.
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    Wishing I were in England
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    Reading, watching British mysteries, crocheting
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    Afghans, and scarves
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  1. Hi, glad you're here. There are so many helpful and friendly people here.
  2. This is one of my all time favorite, beautiful looking, yet easy to make afghans, I crochet tight, so I just use a K hook instead;) You might want to check it out. Everyone I have made this afghan/blanket for has really loved it http://crochetme.com/media/p/87934.aspx Hope this helps
  3. Wow you are very talented, I wouldn't even know where to begin to make something like that. Great Job:cheer
  4. DD loves HELLO KITTY, so I made her a hat, and a scarf for Christmas (had to give them to her early, as I had to measure etc.) She loves it. So with the completion of this set, I am officially done with my Christmas gifts:cheer My RA and Carpal tunnel are giving me fits, so NO more crocheting for awhile:( have a dr's appt in Jan,(pain is terrible right now, can't sleep at night etc.) So it took longer to finish this set than normal., wasn't sure I would get it done in time I just made a basic beanie, and then made the ears (4) total ears two for each side, then I just used felt for the eyes
  5. Love thqt story, and the furbaby is adorable
  6. I found this helpful http://neauveau.com/recycledyarn.html you might want to check this site out, it is great. Shows you step by step. Hope this helps;)
  7. I've ran in to that too, Wal-mart lately has been cheaper across the board. I needed another skein of yarn and ending up paying almost 2$ more:(
  8. I recently snagged a copy of Twinkiechan's book Crochet Goodies for Fashion Foodies, in it she has a toast scarf, this is my version. I didn't have the yarn colors she used, so I just used what I had on hand. So I thought I would post a pic of the finished scarf. What do you think? Thanks for looking and have a great day! coffeeandcrochet
  9. Beautiful work, and your furbaby is adorable, I've always thought that dachshunds have the most soulful looking faces, we had one when I was little her name was Duchess J. thanks for sharing
  10. I am a newbie knitter, in addition to being the worlds sloooowest knitter, I want to graduate from making scarves, to making a hat, I did the stitches on my circular needles, but can't figure out how to join them. Does anyone know of sites that will show me how to do this? Also I'm a lefty if this makes a difference, I just feel like:bang any help would be appreciated
  11. Love the colors you used congrats:cheer:clap:yay
  12. Can't wait. I've already put this book on my Christmas list. I've read her blog for a long time, what a talent:cheer
  13. Finally someone else who loves this show. I watch everytime its on. I remember the episode where Farmer John was crocheting too.
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