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  1. Ok, I did a small swatch, I think I did it correctly. Andy advice before I start the full on blanket??
  2. The picture kind of helped. I've been wanting to do this blanket since I was pregnant with my son so I'm not giving up until I figure it out. I'm doing a smaller baby blanket by chaining less. Thanks so much for all your help and I will post as soon as I figure it out.
  3. Aww thanks so much! I am having a little bit of trouble with the special stitch though. My hearts and circles are not coming out even. Any advice??
  4. I just found out I'm having a girl, I'm 22 weeks pregnant and this blanket is just perfect!!
  5. I have only 2 squares for you...I 2 Cream color and 1 Baby pink...I'm so sorry...life has been too hectic for me...
  6. I've been sooo busy...still working on some squares...will get them to you as soon as I can... :o)
  7. I would love to help out...this is such a generous thing you are doing and would love to be a part of it... :o)
  8. Patience is a virtue... :o) don't worry take your time...it is my birthday month... thanks again soo much...
  9. I can also help...I'm doing the Avon walk for breast cancer and breast cancer runs in the family...I made some scarves for my aunts that are survivors...I have a cute pattern in mind and can make a couple in the ones you posted also...
  10. Squares are officially on there way... :o)
  11. I've had such a bad week trying to work and fundraise...I logged on and had a new Private Message...OMG I'm the winner....I had to rub my eyes and check again...it's really me...Thank you sooo sooo much.... :clap:yay:cheer:yay:clap:yay:cheer I'm sooo excited!!! Can't wait to see all the goodies....thank you thank you.... :o)
  12. Almost done with a couple squares and they will be on there way...
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