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    since the early '60's
  1. What are they telling me to do? [dc, (ch 2, dc) 4 times] I get confused with the parenthesis and brackets. If they're saying: (dc, ch 2, dc) 4 times What's with the brackets and parenthesis?
  2. just took a walk down memory lane! I really enjoyed Chain Link 2010. Looking forward to 2012!
  3. I've bought tons of Sugar & Cream [$.50 ea!]. I want to make a doily style small rug and was thinking of using 4 strands and a monster hook. Has anyone tried this? Any pattern:crocheting suggestions?
  4. I'm here on the cape too! Sandwich.
  5. The "kit" includes everything they need to start. yarn, hook/needles, tapestry needle, pattern, note pad, pencil, row counter [sometimes]....
  6. For a 1 1/2 hour 'class' I charge $30 for an individual. 2 students is $25 each and 3-6 students is $20 each. This does not include materials. If they wish for a complete 'kit' that's $20 extra.
  7. Good morning all, I'm encouraged to find this site. I live on Cape Cod, lucky me!! I just started teaching crochet at 2 LYS. I'm also working on getting certified as an instructor as well. Excited about all this! So, what shall I expect from this site? Any pointers? I'm an avid Raveler, anyone else?
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