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    Easter Amigurumi

    those are GREAT i'm quite inspired to try one of those...
  2. so very glad i'm not the only one....i have been told that its pinched nerves so when my fingers start to go numb i immediately put the project down n shake it out.... when im sleeping n they go numb i usually have to roll over to my other side... im a factory worker with a temp agency and the problem always gets worse if im doing a job that involves alot of upper body movement but im so thankful to learn that im not alone with this....
  3. yes my favorite stash buster is the giant granny square blanket...i just start in the middle n keep going til the stash is gone or it fits my bed...(stash is never gone hehe) this is the first thing i learned to make when i was little n my grandmother gave me some of her stash and an old g hook...i always go back to doing one when i'm at a loss with one of my current projects...
  4. i live in clearwater and would love to get together with ya'all so please keep posting
  5. my joanns didnt have hooks just knitting needles anyone know if i can find them elsewhere
  6. wow and beautiful...my 10 yr old girl is lookin with me n ssays she likes them too!!!
  7. very pretty...doilies are my most favorite n yours iis great!!!!
  8. that is awesome you did a fab job! i really really like it!
  9. I love thread crochet best and ive found that on several occations what did buckle will flatten it self the further you go....when it doesnt good old fashioned throw it in the washer n then lay it on the table with lots of books on top....the very best wishes in your endeavor....it is always a proud moment of 'i did that' when i finish one
  10. perfect!!! thank you...i just finished all my xmas stuff n really needed to unwind n play a bit ....that site gives all kinds of ideas....
  11. found a blurb in an old mag...did a little tree...noow what? does aanyone do this or have ideas on patterns,history,or where to find more info?
  12. i made my first sweater with red heart ss and so far its been thru a few washes n come out great (im terrible with laundry, so thats sayin sumpthin) i woould like to try woolease on the next one...
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