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  1. I've uploaded pictures of the finished product! It's actually been finished for a few weeks now, I just hadn't gotten around to taking the pictures yet. I just need to purchase a yarn needle so I can finish it properly, but otherwise ... behold, the dishcloth that put a few more grey hairs in my head, lol!
  2. Yes to everything you said. I like your analogy to building a house with matchsticks! YES that's how I felt too last night! Thank you so much for the encouragement, it really means a lot. You are right about learning the anatomy of the stitches and carrying what I learn from pattern to pattern. That's how knitting was for me, and it's already beginning with this dishcloth. I actually learned both crocheting and knitting when I was a little girl, before I was a teenager. I learned crocheting from a group of old Polish ladies who met at the local library (in Toledo, OH, my hometown) and I learned knitting (the first time) from my BFF's mom. But I never stuck with it, until I started knitting again with my friend at work a few years ago. Point is, I had real live people showing me how to do it, so I concur about how you learn those skills for a lifetime when you have the benefit of a mentor. Also, that was back before anyone had a computer at home, much less internet access, lol. And then even when I re-learned knitting a few years ago, my primary source of help was from the LYS. That being said, I'd have to say the internet is still an amazing resource for these fiber crafts we do ... for any craft, really! And for as amazing as it is it still doesn't substitute for what you can learn from a seasoned veteran in-person! Then again, many people learned all they needed from what some seasoned veterans posted on good ol' YouTube, myself included (at least where the magic circle is concerned). Regardless, this whole thread has turned up some amazing people and I'm grateful to every single one of you that has taken the time to post something, I really am.
  3. Merkity, ferretlady, Momcrochets, and RoseRed - many, many THANK YOUS for confirming my suspicion about the pattern being wrong!!! So here's an update: after I logged off for the evening I picked up that yarn and needle and said, what the heck. I know how to make the stitches, if the pattern's wrong let's see what it looks like then. As you probably guessed, it's a curly dishcloth, ROFL!!! But still pretty to me, and it makes me laugh now whenever I look at it. My "big mistake" has ironically turned into my greatest crocheting success thus far. This confounded project is the furthest I've gotten since I picked up my first crochet needle a couple years ago. So for that I consider this horrible dishcloth a smashing success, hee hee hee! Momcrochets: wow, you have given me new hope for creating ami's! ferretlady: You've got yourself a deal with a trade on the knit/crochet help! Oo, I do wish we lived closer too! You know, there is a way we could help each other without being in the same room, and this just might help other crocheters desiring more of the real-time, "mentorship" style of learning too: Skype is essentially video-conferencing. It's free (there are other things Skype charges for, but not Skype-to-Skype calling) but you'd need a webcam and either a microphone and speakers or a headset with a mic. And it doesn't take up too much space on your computer to install it. You can also use it for IM (also free). That would truly be the next best thing to being in the same room with each other! We could hold up our work to the camera to get a better look at how the stitches are made, and all this takes place in real time on Skype. But you're more than welcome to come down and visit, and if I ever find myself up your way I'll give you a holler for sure! But ferretlady, I want to assure you, if I can learn to crochet you can definitely learn to knit! It's been a long time since I've knitted anything so I'd have to give myself a refresher, but then I'd be more than happy to show you. My main reason for picking up crochet is because I want to make amigurumi in the worst way. Someone at work showed me a book they bought for a gift (to someone else; she knits, so no crochet help from her), Creepy Cute Crochet. Well I fell in love with those little creatures and decided I must make some of my own! From there I discovered sooooooo many more I want to make! But that is a long ways off for me. Right now I'm thrilled to pieces with my goofy, curly dishcloth, When I am done with this thing I'll post pictures, or post a link to pics. And after I'm done with this, I'm going back to the store to get a ball of Lily Sugar'n Cream in Earth Ombre to make the dishcloth the way it looks in the picture, now that I have the correct pattern. By the way ... don'tcha think the yarn companies would sell SO MUCH MORE YARN if they would just take the time to make sure their patterns are written correctly? I wonder how many people gave up or quit because the dumb pattern was wrong? And they didn't know about the 'Ville here or they didn't have internet, or whatever. Again, many, many, many thanks to EVERYONE'S help, encouragement, suggestions, and pointing me in the right direction!
  4. Oh my goodness, that is too funny! I started this thread with zero hope and then a veteran comes along and learns something from me! TOO FUNNY! I'm just astonished by that, actually, hee hee. Glad I could help! I will be marveling about that all day, hee hee! And I'd been to that very website before! Must have missed that page, LOL!
  5. Aha! I completely forgot about Meetup.com! I will give that a try, definitely. I also forgot about Teresa. Funny thing is I'm subscribed to her on my YouTube profile, ROFL!! Thank you so much for taking the time to respond here.
  6. Wow, you are the bomb-diggety with clearing up mysteries for me tonight! I'd heard of using markers before - but I never understood how to use them! I'm really dense that way, sometimes I need things spelled out for me. To you and everyone else taking the trouble to spell things out for me, you have my eternal gratefulness. I went back to the pattern that was giving me fits - http://www.sugarncream.com/pattern.php?PID=2934 - and starting poking around the website some more and found even more answers to my crochet mysteries: http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/?q=tip_crochet.html Honestly, if ya'll hadn't taken the time to cheer me up I probably wouldn't have even bothered looking. YAY! BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE!
  7. You know what, the funny thing is, other than the frustration caused by the pattern, the hook and yarn I bought has actually grown on me, lol. I should have said it was not my first choice of all the yarn I looked at walking up and down the aisles (I was at A.C. Moore). I have a bad habit of getting yarn I adore and then never touching it because I've had so much bad luck with the patterns, I don't want to frog good yarn, LOL! And the plastic hook is kinda cute. I dunno, but luckily they DO make me want to sit down and crochet! I understand what you mean though. Nobody's going to be excited about sitting down to something they just can't stand. That's the lovely side effect about this craft: a hook and yarn is better than none at all.
  8. I really appreciate all of your encouragement and thoughtful replies. I've calmed down a bit now too, hee hee. It helps to just come right out and say it, and get it off my chest. I've found YouTube videos to be helpful, and I've found them to not be helpful. It just depends what you're looking for. If you're having trouble with a stitch then heck yeah, YouTube videos is the way to go! There are many good ones out there. I didn't finally crack the magic circle code until I saw a video showing how to do it. Very joyous occasion, that! However when it comes to specific patterns, that's a different story. And for as great as videos are they simply don't compare to having a mentor. But maybe I should try looking for a video that makes a whole pattern, not just the stitches themselves. Sorry for the rant. I'm not giving up. I can't, I love it too much. I guess that means I'm a masochist, LOL! Honestly I didn't think you good people would pay much attention to my whininess, and just move on to the next honest question. I wasn't trying to get attention, or whatever. I just needed to vent. But I appreciate the help just the same. Mary aka "acraftylady" - I'm going to take your advice and look into adult ed classes! I never thought of that. I know the people are out there, I just haven't figured out how to find them. Cris - I sincerely appreciate your candid reply. It does make me feel better to know that even veterans feel what I'm feeling sometimes. And yes it would help to post the specific question wouldn't it? (This whole post was a practice in digression, lol!) So here goes: In the 1st rnd it says: "[3 dc. (Ch 2. 4 dc)] 3 times in ring" - So I took that to mean, after I make my 3 dc, then I Ch 2, then I make 4 dc, rinse and repeat 3 times in that order? So that there should be 7 dc next to each other separated by that Ch 2 and it goes 3 times around the ring? My experience with that was that it seemed WAY too bulky for all those stitches in that wimpy little 5 Ch. ring! Then when I got to this part: "Join with sl st to top of ch 3." ... where the heck is "ch 3"??? I took that to mean the very first ch 3 I did at the beginning of the round (see web link in original post for the pattern). By the way faedragon, I'm glad, glad, glad you said because I did not know that! That is exactly one of those things I could not figure out. Thank you so much for stating that! Thanks to every single one of you for helping to make me feel better. This is a rare forum because of that; people can be so negative, especially on forums, and especially to stuff like what I posted. So I really appreciate your encouragement and tips. My goal is to crochet a little bit every day, even if it's one lousy sc stitch, and thanks to all of you I probably will.
  9. Note as of March 21, 2011: Much has changed since I originally posted this. Enough that I felt this initial post warranted a preamble of sorts. The response I got to my post below was so warm, so helpful, and thus so overwhelming that this incredible community of crocheters really bore me up and out of the doldrums I found myself in when I began this thread. So read my post below with a grain of salt, and to those who might find themselves in a similar predicament ... just keep reading, and by all means, feel free to send me (or anyone here) a private message for help. I'm always happy to help or to point in the right direction. Lord knows, I learned a LOT from this thread! Thank you. I must forewarn you: this is more of a rant than asking for help. I'm convinced that I must be the dumbest person on the planet. Either that or these "beginner" dishcloth patterns I pick up are liars, and are in fact designed for more experienced crocheters. Judging from some of the threads I've read here, that may very well be the case. This is what I'm trying to make: "Granny Dishcloth" on label of Lily Sugar'n Cream Naturals http://www.sugarncream.com/pattern.php?PID=2934 I'm using the "Guacamole" yarn, not the "Earth Ombre" color suggested for the pattern. This time I approached crocheting differently than I have in the past. I scaled my expectations way down: I chose a really cheap, plastic needle and yarn I wasn't particularly in love with. My whole goal was to get myself crocheting. I know how to make all the stitches. If I don't understand an abbreviation I look it up and have never had trouble figuring out how to make a specific stitch. I can sit here and stitch randomly till the cows come home. Making stitches is not the problem. I also happen to make nice, even stitches too. The problem is, I don't understand where to stick my needle sometimes, or where to go next! Or what it all means! I wish I had someone I could ask who could show me the answer to my question. When I lived in Grand Rapids, MI one of my co-workers started knitting. Then I saw her doing it and I wanted to do it, so guess what, we were both knitting. Up there I had a LYS to walk into and ask questions, and they showed me the way. Problem solved. I threw money at them buying yarn and needles. So when I decided to start crocheting, because I heard about "amigurumi" and wanted to make some, I just decided to go looking for a LYS down here ... to no avail. The nearest one to me is nearly an hour's drive away. As for crafting amigurumi? *smirks* *snickers* Yeah ... right. Or maybe I should just give up crocheting and go back to knitting? When I was knitting I actually completed a couple projects (dishcloth and scarf). Is crocheting harder than knitting? It is sooooooo frustrating (can you feel the frustration in this post?) to come here and see thread after thread after thread after thread of what ya'll are creating and accomplishing. I can't even make a dishcloth. It seems like the farthest thing away from me and no matter how many times I set it down and come back to it later, I still wind up with the same result: I need a real live person I can ask who can show me. Videos and forums ain't cutting it. Sorry to be such a downer ... no I'm not. This is a "poor me" pity party in full swing! (I know, I need to shut up and go open the first-ever LYS in Fort Myers, FL!)
  10. JanineW: Thank you so much for the response and advice! Nothing makes me happier than a great reference book (except maybe chocolate, lol). I really appreciate the help, more than I can say. Indeed, I have a whole new level of respect for a real, live person to ask questions of. I had that when I lived in Grand Rapids, MI; not so much in SWFL where the LYS is an hour-drive away. Very discouraging. I miss the colder climes for that reason. Well, I hope everyone is gearing up for a fabulous holiday! Every one of you deserves it.
  11. Greetings and welcome! You're in good hands here, I love this place!
  12. This is GREAT!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you, a million thank yous for taking the time to post your thoughts and advice here. I, for one, really appreciate it. I understand now where part of my problem may have been bad or incomplete pattern instructions. I wouldn't have known if you hadn't taken the trouble to post that here, so I am truly grateful for your trouble. My problem is not practicing the stitches but how to go from one stitch to the next! I guess I just have problems reading the patterns? I mean, I understand what the abbreviations mean - I just don't know how to transition. I can't think of a good example just now; also this business of adding a new color to the work ... yikes! Even though I understand what the abbreviations mean, I just don't always understand which hole to poke my crochet hook in! I understand where the "first" stitch is; but which part of the stitch do I stick my hook? (sometimes videos don't always answer this question for me) I am confident based on what I've read here that I will find the answers to my questions here at the 'Ville. I've already had some questions answered just from scouring the forums in my spare time. And it's gotten me to pick up my needle finally and start crocheting (even if it is just random practice swatches, not a "project" exactly). If you want to read a little background on how I got started in crocheting click here (it would have made this post way too long).
  13. That is really a beautiful dishcloth. The white and off-white contrast is not as bad you think. And the unevenness actually makes it quite charming! I love it! Where can I find the pattern for this? I know today ain't Tuesday, and frankly it's been a few years since I made the dishcloth pictured below (unfortunately the lighting is terrible, so the color is a bit off; it's a knit project). But it is truly one of my treasured projects, and I can't wait to try my hand at crocheting dishcloths!
  14. Greetings and welcome from SWFL! You should not be afraid to try the increases and decreases. They are very easy. I say this as someone who is relatively new to this craft myself. What's to be afraid of? If it doesn't work out, you can just rip out the stitches and start over! One great resource I recommend for learning to increase and decrease: I picked up a Coats and Clark pamphlet in the yarn section of a JoAnn Fabric store. If you don't have one of those, I bet you could find it at a Walmart or any other store that stocks Red Heart yarn (made by Coats and Clark). This is the publication where I learned to increase and decrease stitches, in case you're wondering. As for crocheting an increase, this much I can tell you: you know how you stick your needle through the hole to crochet a stitch? (whatever stitch it may be) Well, when you increase you stick your needle back through the same hole and crochet that stitch again. Decreases I still have to look up, but they are just as easy! I would just sit with a ball of yarn, make a magic circle, and increase and decrease to my heart's content! Otherwise, if you don't find it here, this is one of my most favorite crochet/knit blogs: Hook and Needles. After many attempts I finally found the videos I was looking for here, for tutorials. They are the best, in my opinion, but I haven't seen them all of course. Best of luck to you, and very nice meeting you.
  15. Greetings from SWFL! I swear I have had the privilege of sitting back and watching the numbers of Floridians here grow, which gives me so much encouragement! Obviously most people don't associate Florida with activities such as crocheting, but then again many if not most of us are northern transplants anyway. I'm originally from Ohio myself, Toledo to be exact. Well, nice to meet you! And welcome to the 'Ville.
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