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  1. I've noticed that pattern books that are on sale at Annie's show up later on eBay for a higher price. People probably buy them up while they are on sale to make a little profit.
  2. Wow...that is totally beautiful. Such patience.
  3. That's soooo pretty....lovely color combo.
  4. If you're only at row 4....don't worry...mine often look like a crumbled tissue at that point. It will fix itself.
  5. It's her own design and she also sells the pattern, she has it listed for 4.99 euros. Oops, never mind...you mentioned wanting it in adult size.
  6. Is the photo box made from acid-free materials? Then it's OK to use. People don't ever believe any advice I give them online...lol...but here goes again.....DO NOT store heirloom fabrics (quilts, cotton crochet doilies and tablecloths, etc.) in plastic. Fibers need to breathe...plastics won't allow that. The acid from wooden shelves in your linen closet and cardboard boxes will deteriorate your fibers. Wrap your fabrics in acid-free tissue paper for storage...or an acid-free box that will allow it to breathe.
  7. I think in this land of plenty we often suffer from overload of the senses. We have all this yarn and gazillions of patterns....and the internet with more and more to look at. It gets to be so overwhelming that we often find ourselves unable to decide on a project. I didn't have much stuff when I was a kid....now I do...but as a kid without all that stuff I had more imagination and was able to make something out of nothing. Now I often find myself just staring at all my stuff and wonder what to do. It's sad, really.
  8. Thank you very much everyone. Manda, that's a gorgeous traveling outfit.
  9. 150 Crochet Trims......don't waste your money.....nothing pretty in there.
  10. The ch2 space is the little hole (space) that you have made in the previous row by chaining 2. Now they want you to skip over that little hole (space) and not crochet anything into it. Sorry, I can't answer the other questions.
  11. Thank you for posting a positive husband thread. You've got a great one!!!!
  12. That's a great idea for displaying doilies without the cost of framing. I wonder through what method she attached the doily to the fabric.
  13. My husband purchased a box of crochet patterns at a yard sale. In it I found a couple of beautiful victorian dress patterns for fashion dolls. Not being familiar with dolls and their sizes...one pattern was for a 11.5" doll, which I presume is a Barbie. Correct? One for a 11" fashion doll.....is that also a Barbie? One for a 15" fashion doll....now what kind of doll is that? I would like to try a victorian dress for a Barbie, however the patterns don't mention the skill level needed. I have made a handful of doilies and found them to be easy, but have never crocheted clothing of any kind. Are they difficult to make? Any pitfalls to watch out for?
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