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    I began crocheting when I was 19 (it was the 70's then), taught by my sister.
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    Dallas, Texas
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    Crochet fulling
  1. When felting light and dark colors beside or near by each other, the fibers "creep" onto each other. This is not bleeding per say, just the felting process. I prefer to call it a "birth covering". To bring back the lighter colors you need to stiff brush or shave (I prefer this) the covering off to bring back the purer color underneath. Be sure you have fully felted the item before shaving - little or no stitch definition. Felting is fascinating and wonderful process and crocheting is a great medium for it.
  2. I use this all the time. I love the way it felts up. I have mixed it with other yarns and have not had a problem with it. Yes it does felt past the stitches. On my web site in the hand bag area, "spring fields", "hippy bag" are made with Cache and other types of yarns too. Hope you have fun using it.
  3. Congratulations! No doubt that you are a winner, I am such a fan of your work. Thank you for sharing.
  4. thanks for sharing. I went and voted. I hope more crocheters will vote too.
  5. Thank you to all that posted replies. I am so glad you like them. They were a nice break to my usual felting. I may be making a few more in the near future because I might try my hand a writing a pattern for them. Just so bad at writing things down. Thank you again for looking and writing encouraging words for me.
  6. I happened to see Freddie's name here and had to reply. Freddie is SOOOOOO:clap much a champion of crochet that her yarn shop should be rated #1 in the book of most crochet friendly shops in the world! So if you crocheters in the Jacksonville area want to be treated like the queen of crochet, stop by soon and often at Freddie's shop. ( I am so jealous of you'all). She has some wonderful crocheted items that people can not tell are crocheted, so be sure to ask her about them. If you don't know she has several items published too. You can see one (or is it two) of them on the CGOA website and am sure she might have some on her website too http://www.phootsy.com/ Have fun!
  7. OK, OK, Ok! I took a moment and let spring take over me and do a little frivolity felting. Here is the background on how I fel(t) into these little charmers. Over the fall last year my husband found an acorn and put it in my car. Well it has brought back childhood memories all winter long. I used to paint faces on them and I even crocheted acorn Christmas ornaments. My M-I-L still hangs hers on her tree every year. Now should I tell you the other part of this felting frivolity? OK, well here goes…as a child I liked-no loved (NO! I do not collect) the Trolls from the 60’s. So, as most childhood things get jumbled together, here is my two childhood memories, spring, and felting merged together. I call them “I’m a Little Nut(s)”.
  8. I have not been around lately because I have been creating new crochet felted designs. A few new ones are: The Eggplant The Bruise Sheaves of Wheat and an art card for a fellow fiber artist You can see them on my web page in my signature line or at my Flickr site http://www.flickr.com/photos/myinnovativehook/ I hope you will enjoy these pieces. I am glad so many of you are trying crochet felting and hope you enjoy it as much as I do.
  9. I have seen the book and you have taken it to a new level. This is so cute. You go Girl!
  10. This link does not go to a purse.
  11. I concur with with Joan here. It felts up like "crazy" and shrinks a lot but it is beautiful. Joan what size hook did you use? I used my N and really think I needed to do bigger. I also did HD crochet and think it could have handled DC and still felted nicely. What do you think? I was just doing swatch work so did fine for me.
  12. Joan, I replied to you earlier but did not come through, so will try again. I use two eletric razors, 1. is 1" blade 2. is a 2" blade. I also use from time to time a meduim sweater shaver but find the blade dulls too quickly. I also use a toothbrush (old- not a current one, hehe). A wire brush. As you might know from looking at my site, I am very dimensional so need to have multi densional yarns so love the different end results of them as they felt. Using so many different kinds, I now can place them in my pieces and not have to shave as much but I do use the shaver for giving depth to the designs.
  13. I had some Patons in pumpkin that would not felt very well and then saw another post here at C'ville that had a Patons burg. color that would not felt very well for the other person. They contacted the company and found that there was a problem with their yarn; I did not call-used the design another way. I have since used Patons wool and it has worked out for me very well. So could just be a bad batch. You did not say how many times you put the item through the machine. I normally have to do mine between bewteen 3 and 5 times. As to the fuzzy or hairyness of the yarns; I do not mind the outcome. It sometimes adds to the effect I was working for and have no trouble shaving where I want the color to come out more. I also do shave Cascade and many other yarns that are not really fuzzy especially if it has dark and light colors in the piece. Brings back the purer color. I also use the shaving to get depth from my designs. I hope you resolve your yarn/design troubles and try crochet felting again.
  14. This is very nice. Those are my favorite colors. congrats!
  15. This is really nice. I too like the addition of embellishments to make it come alive! Congratulations.
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