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    Crochet, One stroke art
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    Stay at home mom
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    Since January 2005
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  1. Dalia


    I love it!
  2. Dalia

    My 1st BICO set completed.

    Found it! Thank you
  3. Dalia

    My 1st BICO set completed.

    Beautiful!! Is it possible to get the pattern? My niece is due at the end of the month and I want to make one for her. Dalia
  4. Dalia

    Finished Elmo Graph Ghan!

    Gorgeous, great job!
  5. WOW!! that is just amazing!! Great work!!
  6. Dalia

    Cookie Monster Scarf

    cute, cute, cute!!
  7. Congratulations!! it is beautiful:c9
  8. Dalia

    Bunny Blankie

    WOW!! it is sooo cute!!
  9. Dalia

    Brugge Lace patterns?

    I am from Puerto Rico and this is also done there, I got all I need but have not started to learn yet.
  10. Dalia

    Baby Booties in Thread

    Just like you I was looking for patterns for thread booties and could not find anything free so I bought a few books from here; http://www.karpstyles.com/catalog.html?category=Baby%20and%20Children
  11. Dalia

    M's sandal

    wow! how cool are they?!!
  12. Dalia

    Carriage Cover and Hat

    wonderful color very nice!
  13. Dalia

    Another baby book

    they are so cool! loved them!
  14. Dalia

    Heirloom baby afghan

    very pretty!