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  1. Good point. Because it is synthetic, I wasn't planning on using dye. So far I've used Rit whitener and sunshine. When I find bluing, I'll try that, too. So far no change, other than that the whole thing is looking "old" because of all the washings! I think some of the nylon just deteriorated because of age and took on a grey look. Actually, it was yarn from the inside of the skein that looks dirtiest, while outside was whiter. Moral: Don't let yarn sit around, saying you'll get to it someday!
  2. I feel so stupid! I recently completed a garment made out of old 70% acrylic/ 30% nylon yarn. It was supposed to be white, but in some places it is blue-grey! I've washed it thinking it was just dust, but that was not the solution. Will dyeing help? Or will it just look splotchy in different shades? Label says not to bleach. I'll try sunshine next. Any other suggestions?
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