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  1. Xanaphia


    That is true, but I received an e-mail because she send a personel message as well
  2. I learned to crochet from my 24 year old chemistry teacher ^^ he was the head of the crochet for cancer club from our school.
  3. Xanaphia


    yup, it's the english word ^^ but the dutch translation comes close to the waterpig you mention ^^
  4. Xanaphia


    thanks every one ^^ and I don't think he was named after Carl from Jimmy Neutron, because he choose Carl out of the names Carl and Earl ( no idea why ^^)
  5. Xanaphia


    My boyfriends favourite animal is a capybara, and do you think it is possible to find any pattern of a crochet capybara anywhere>? nope, so I made this one my self, if I can figure out my notes I might turn it into a pattern later, but I just have to show this cute toy to you all, he named him Carl ^^
  6. Hi! and yes, a 19 year old crocher over here!
  7. Hi there! I'm Xanaphia Mignada, soon to be an university student. I have been crocheting since 2006 when my chemistry teacher thought me how to crochet so I could join the crochet for cancer club of my school. I have crochet quite a number of hats for that club, but after returning home (I was an exchange student) I found toys more enjoyable to make. So ever since then I make toys, I have made alot by pattern and have started to make some by own designs. My friends keep asking me for handmade toys for their birthdays, so I'm proud of my work Some people I told I crochet said to me that it was only for old ladies, but I don't care!
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