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  1. Very pretty! Thanks for showing it off. ~Nina
  2. Wooow! To me, that's definitely an original! Keep up the great work! ~Nina
  3. I love the second one! Keep at it, and you will have works of art in no time! I just found this show and tell thread today. Never seen crochet jewlery before....as if I needed more WIPs and WIMs.... ~Nina
  4. Woooow! They're all so pretty! ~Nina
  5. thedragon1186

    Pink earrings

    I've never seen crochet jewlery before! Very pretty! ~Nina
  6. I love them! Very Victorian! ~Nina
  7. These are beautiful, definitely a way to spice up the plain store-bought ones.
  8. I love your beaded headbands, they're soooo pretty! ~Nina
  9. Still haven't tried Tunisian. (Let's put it this way...I'm still not even sure what it is...) But I'm still learning, so I've got a long way to go! Very nice! Great job! ~Nina
  10. Seems like it will be very dourable (sp?). But I couldn't imagine crocheting one, it would kill my hands! ~Nina
  11. Is this the first shark hat? I love it! Too cute! ~Nina
  12. Great creativity! Adapting a tank pattern into a scarf. Very nice job! ~Nina
  13. Very nice colors and very nice scarves! You're all ready for winter prezzies! ~Nina
  14. Very pretty! Looks like something I'd wear! ~Nina
  15. They're soooo cute! ~Nina
  16. Hmmm...Can't tell if they would get stuck or not. But I would love to try them out for you! ~Nina
  17. That is so funny! If I was 15 years younger, I would have LOVED to have received this as a gift! Even girls like sharks! ~Nina
  18. The yarn makes the whole look! :yarn:yarn Very cool! ~Nina
  19. 3 days for both? That's great! I the purple color for the first one! The second one is very fall colors. ~Nina
  20. Looks like angel wings! Very pretty! ~Nina
  21. No matter what you went through, the end result is BEAUTIFUL!!! :cheer:cheer The flower design shows up clearly. I think I've still got YEARS before I can even think about mastering something even CLOSE to this!!! ~Nina
  22. Very nice! Great color! ~Nina
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