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  1. Hello Everyone: I have read all your comments about "Knooking". They are quite interesting. Long years ago--long before what is now called "Knooking"-- was once called the Amazing Needle. The amazing needle was made of wood, not plastic. The company was based in California. There were some patterns designed by Janet Rehfeldt and Nancy Nehring. I still have those Amazing Needle kits. Recently I enjoy Tricot Crochet, which is very similar to Knooking. However, it is worked in the round, and without seams. The specialty interchangeable cabled crochet hooks that I like to use are made by 3 companies: Skacel, makes the metal Addi Crochet Clicks; Tulip, makes the Bamboo cabled hooks; and Denise makes the quality plastic cabled hooks. The sets are pricey; however, they are worth their weight in gold and tricot crochet. I have a set of all three of the above brands. You can view them at: www.skacelknitting.com; www.tulip-japan.co.jp; and www.knitdenise.com . Smile for me: Tell them Joan A. Davis recommended them to you !!! The knook is difficult to work in the round; it is difficult for left hand crocheters--no one enjoys a craft which makes our hands hurt nor the finished product has to be only be wash clothes. However, on either of the three brands, I listed, I have taught left-hand crocheters to tricot crochet in the round. AND HAVE FUN!! With tricot crochet, like knooking, you are really knitting in the round on your cabled crochet hook. I posted some hats I have made on my Facebook page. You can make circular shawls, scarves. hats. Thanks for allowing me to make my comments.
  2. Hello everyone. It is good to join this group of crocheters who will be attending the Chain Link 2010 Crochet Conference. I am teaching 4 classes: The Magical Trapezoid Crochet Wrap; Crochet Hoodies; Crochet Skirts; and Camisoles that fit. Looking forward to seeing you at the Conference in Manchester, NH. Come join ALL the fun Joan A. Davis, Certified Crochet Instructor
  3. Hello everyone: Thank you for making me feel welcomed and special. The truth is, I am honored to be here with you. I am a lowly instructor giving back to the Universe the best way I know...simply answering questions. Some of you asked about my book. The Title is: 336 Crochet Tips ! The Solutions Book For Crocheters. The book is available at Amazon.com and Target.com . (I don't have a website, yet). It started out as a manual for my classes. Because I teach all over Palm Beach County from Jupiter in the Northern part of the County to Boca Raton in the Southern part of the County, some 40 miles difference between the two schools, to the two schools in the middle of the County, Palm Springs and Boynton Beach. What students did not know (because the students in the north were not coming to the classes in the South and vis-a-vis) was that they were all asking me the same questions. I worked on the project from 2000 to 2008. The Syllabus evolved from a few pages to several pages to several hundred pages to over 280 pages of "...Tips!". "International Symbol Crochet" is addressed in the book as well as 23 other subjects. I tried to get it published through well-known companies, but they would not support the project, because I had not "...been published enough". So, I am not one to be daunted, and took a class from Myra Wood at the CGOA conference last year, and she was awesome. She told me everything I needed to do, when I took her class, and how to do it. Viola! 336 Crochet Tips ! The Solutions Book For Crocheters [/b]was born. Thank you for asking. If I can help you in any way; please know that I am here for you...(after CGOA Conference--August 4 - 9). Sincerely,
  4. I just joined Crochetville and am looking forward to participating. My name is Joan, I'm from West Palm Beach, Florida. I teach crochet through the Adult Education Program for the Palm Beach County School District, have taught crochet classes few times for CGOA. I will be teaching crochet in August for CGOA. I am CYCA Certified Crochet Instructor and completed Crochet Design of England, Part 1. I am an original member of CGOA, and was one of the first instructors at the 1992 Conference in Chicago at DePauw University. Just published my first book on crochet.
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