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  1. Due to a medical condition that I am receiving treatment for I'm losing my hair. It's not chemo or Alopecia or anything like that. What's left of my hair is still pretty long, nearly 6 inches from my backside. I'd like some thread hat patterns or hair catchers or head covers or something. Kerchief like I suppose. Any suggestions?
  2. Still working on the pattern but it's getting there! Don't know why I can't post the direct image!
  3. I'm so excited but I got a big problem! LOL which one to start first! I bought "Ultimate Pineapples for Your Home" from Hobby Lobby, should have waited for they were on sale but getting hubby to take me there is hard enough as is. 18 projects to choose from. I think I'm in trouble!
  4. I looked at one. It's a nice pattern but I working in the round. Thanks anyway. I've come up with my own pattern that easier for me. Just came across http://members.iglou.com/mantia/crafts/goldilocks.html I think she'll be a good choice!
  5. Thanks hun! Added to my Christmas list!
  6. My silly little niece (3 years old) wanted to sleep with her mommies slipper because it was her friend. She about broke my heart! I'd like a doll pattern 18-24 inches tall so I can make her a new lovey! A free pattern would be lovely since things are a little tight here right now due to medical issues with me. ssshhh I think her mothers feet smell so help me out here! lol
  7. Do you have a link for the pattern? Very nice work!
  8. Hello from the Sioux City, Iowa area! I'm also a mom of large family but I've got one on you! All 5 of my monsters are in school though! Welcome to the party!
  9. Very nice! Finally books I can afford on our new budget!
  10. Can you use these like the circular knitting needles? Like crochet in the round? For socks, caps, and such.
  11. Oh no mistake in your pattern hun, I just tend to alter things to make it a little easier for me.
  12. I had issues with the pattern so I had to alter it some. It worked very fast! I could have had it done in one day but it took me 2-3 days to finish. It's for my nephew who is due any minute. I made it long enough to where he should be able to still use it at age 2.
  13. Great job! And yes, those narrow full/queen size blankets like that are made for cuddling!
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