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  1. I would like to take full size afghans down to baby size. What is the simplest way to do this?
  2. I need to find a 6 month size baby pants pattern. I need to be able to sell the finished product as well. I have a request for it but i cant find a pattern. Thanks!
  3. Ninny

    yarn help

    What is a good way to soften acrylic yarn? i made some things and they just don't feel as soft as i would like.
  4. Ninny

    pompom yarn

    Has anyone ever used the new pom pom yarn? What did you like not like about it? Could we see pics of want you made?
  5. If you are a been there done that type of person, i have a couple of questions for you. How do you find out about craft shows? How much product to you need to take? Say i have baby dresses do i need four blue in every size? Do patterns sell better then product? Is it worth making patterns instead of product to sell on online? Thanks!
  6. I'd like some pictures of the work in progress mary.
  7. Good ideas! I was thinking of maybe doing a basket weave afghan with a solid and a multi color.
  8. I have tons of multicolored yarn. More then ill ever use. What are some good uses for it? Im not fond of whole afghans made with it. Who has some good ideas?
  9. I found this link and wanted to pass it on. http://www.hobbyfarms.com/crafts-and-nature/harvesting_color_from_vegetables.aspx
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