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    I'm a mom to one year old lil girl and a crafter
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    Salisbury UK
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    crochet, card making, beading and internet
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    quick and easy things... things foir easy gratification
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  1. i've just come across ur pattern. its perfect 4 my mom. i started it in super chunky its certainly gonna b 1 warm hat! gonna try it in dk when i finished so she can have 2. loving the way its unfolding and i've only got up to row 10 on hat still have brim to go lol
  2. nice to see so many uk crocheters out there. i live near stonehenge and nearest DECENT wool shop is MILES away and i dont drive was wondering my partner drives me to rarely but he hates my stash so limits me ALOT grrrrr i'm lucky i have such a gud usa friend in syracuse who is raiding her stash to send me some of the types of yarns i've never seen b4 (LOVE YOU LORRI) i'm really excited although its gonna take a while to get here... why can't we have a decent selection of yarns over here like over there.... it'd be my 2nd home lol as long as they allowed lil ones of course lol
  3. i've found the friendship daisy is quic n easy and uses very little yarn.
  4. i'm from Salisbury in wiltshire n was hoping to meet more ppl n would be nice to ask shopping questions too no matter where in uk ppl r lol :hugsorry 4 short vhand but got daughter sat on lap so cant seem to type well '
  5. i'd like to join in if i may.. am making ami fruit n veg for my lil one 2carrots n an orange do already
  6. love it! just perfect to go in a birthday card!
  7. sounds perfect for my lil monster.... how long did it take to whip brenda?
  8. crochetdebz


    welcome from UK
  9. She always runs offf with the wool lol pulls my afghans out of bag to play with them too... very cheekyt as she knows its outa bnounds till mommy gives it to her lol and when she gets given it i'll bet she'll lose interest hahahaa she also knows she's cute as sionce she was born she's been fussed over by EVERYONE who sees her even at a year old lol Thank you for your lovely comments everyone
  10. i'm after some fruit and vegatable patterns to make my daughter to play with anyone got any ideas??? just things we eat everyday
  11. ok i'm new to showing people online my work so be gentle with me this is a rr i started (my own design) for my daughter And this is a ripple i'm playing with for my friends baby to be:manyheart i've also posted the 1st blanket i ever made as i'm very proud of it... i made it whilst in and out of hospital while pregnant (had a bad pregnancy lol) i wrapped her in it minutes old the pic is when she was 7hrs old
  12. its so stricking the colours just melt into one another i was mesmerised well done u hope ur mom loved it!
  13. impressive ingenious sun afghan hun... hats r nice too but ur afghans a show stealer
  14. OMG wheres my sunglasses hhehe at least he used up ur scraps... what a stunning affect! at least u know it wont get lost under his bed
  15. absolutely stunning! what a lovely gift!
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