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    Married to the best guy for 39 yrs_ 2 wonderful adult sons_2 super DIL_3 loves of my life grandkiddos
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    A comfy nook with yarn and a hook
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    crocheting, gardening, cycling, walking, hiking, reading, Grandkidding!
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    Taking care of everyone = : )
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    baby sweaters, afghans, slippers
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    since the mid 1960's
  1. Welcome to Crochetville, Ben! I'm not aware of the existence of such a machine either. Perhaps, if this is a business venture, you could consider outsourcing? You'd have to weigh its worth, of course. Either way, congrats on the success of your designs and work!
  2. So cute! What an adorable way to corral those plastic bags. Thank you for sharing.
  3. Ooo, your tree skirt turned out beautifully, Sarah! Well done!
  4. Thank you, Marlene! Actually, the true colors don't show up very well on the outside shot, but somewhat closer to true on the photo with my DGD. I used Caron Simply Soft, 'Lavender Blue' (more lavender than blue) and 'Watermelon' (a bright pink). I'm happy with how it turned out, and would like to try the pattern again sometime with more subtle colors for a different affect. I look forward to seeing your Sweetheart Ripple when you finish it!
  5. I thought I posted this already today, but must have logged off while in preview mode . -Anyway, I finally finished the Sweetheart Ripple that I was working on for my Granddaughter and posted it in "Show and Tell", if anyone would like to take a peek: http://www.crochetville.org/forum/showthread.php?t=105297 I was hoping to see other CAL members finished projects coming down through the thread. -I'd love to see how they turned out!
  6. I was a late-starter to this CAL, and have likely missed out on the original wave of completed Sweetheart Ripples, but having started just under two weeks ago, and despite a heat-wave and limited time for crocheting, I now have 14 rows of hearts. Cooler temps are in the forecast for this week so I'm hoping to pick things up a bit. = : )
  7. I'd like to join in on this CAL! - I love your Sweetheart Ripple pattern, Kim, and am already underway, making a smaller version (toddler size?) for my young granddaughter. It's coming along rather fun and bright with alternating heart-rows in vivid pink and lavender/blue under white. I appreciate the different tips that have been shared, which, I'm sure, have saved me from much froggin' around. Crochet away!
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