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    Married to the best guy for 39 yrs_ 2 wonderful adult sons_2 super DIL_3 loves of my life grandkiddos
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    A comfy nook with yarn and a hook
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    crocheting, gardening, cycling, walking, hiking, reading, Grandkidding!
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    Taking care of everyone = : )
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    baby sweaters, afghans, slippers
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    since the mid 1960's
  1. Great congrats, Kathy! Such a beautiful piece and so very deserving of the recognition and awards it brought you. I am in awe of your talents. Thanks for sharing your joy.
  2. What a sharp tote, Merri! I love both your design and the colors you used -Beautifully done! I too, have never felted before, but your share is an inspiration and maybe just the kick I need to give it a try. Thank you!
  3. Very nicely done! I'm partial to the green one but they're both so nice. Thank you for sharing.
  4. I love what you've done to the beloved RR -clever idea! Thank you for the neat 'before and after' display -Very nicely done...all the way around!
  5. Beautifully done! I like the color/contrast you chose, but look forward to seeing your next one in whichever colors you choose as well! Lucky kiddos to have such a talented and doting "Nana"! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Very nicely done and you've played your 20 colors well (I really have to step out of my pastel box) -Your friend is sure to love it!
  7. I love it! Wonderfully fun colors and what a great finish, pocketed denim; neat closure too -Beautifully done, Merri!
  8. jeannej

    Weird WIP afghan

    Ah, but so wonderfully weird, Peg! ... Love the idea of using fabric for yarn (sheet for yarn= sharn?), such an economical way to go; and you're working it beautifully. Thanks for sharing your progress so far.
  9. Wow! So very striking, Smokey! Love how your chosen colors play so well together -Beautifully done! Best wishes at the county fair!
  10. Beautifully done, Sparkle! Love both the color and texture -Sure to please your dear friend!
  11. Fantastic, Katrala! It turned out beautifully; a real work of art. What a wonderfully impressive accomplishment!
  12. Personalized cards are always especially nice; yours are super -Beautifully done!
  13. Beautifully done! -Such a fun color, too!
  14. But, Oh my goodness, you have come so far!! :cheer Keep up the great work, Katrala! It's the nature of the piece, cathedral windows, taking one step at a time to complete, whether done in glass or yarn. I know I'm not alone in looking forward to seeing your finished work of art!
  15. jeannej

    Snowflake Afghan

    Wow, Cindy! Kudos to you for having plowed through all of those wonderful snowflakes! - Beautifully done! I have admired this pattern for a long time and your showing has rekindled my wish to take it on! Thank you for sharing.
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