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    Married to the best guy for 39 yrs_ 2 wonderful adult sons_2 super DIL_3 loves of my life grandkiddos
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    A comfy nook with yarn and a hook
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    crocheting, gardening, cycling, walking, hiking, reading, Grandkidding!
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    Taking care of everyone = : )
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    baby sweaters, afghans, slippers
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    since the mid 1960's
  1. Great congrats, Kathy! Such a beautiful piece and so very deserving of the recognition and awards it brought you. I am in awe of your talents. Thanks for sharing your joy.
  2. What a sharp tote, Merri! I love both your design and the colors you used -Beautifully done! I too, have never felted before, but your share is an inspiration and maybe just the kick I need to give it a try. Thank you!
  3. Very nicely done! I'm partial to the green one but they're both so nice. Thank you for sharing.
  4. I love what you've done to the beloved RR -clever idea! Thank you for the neat 'before and after' display -Very nicely done...all the way around!
  5. Beautifully done! I like the color/contrast you chose, but look forward to seeing your next one in whichever colors you choose as well! Lucky kiddos to have such a talented and doting "Nana"! Thank you for sharing.
  6. Very nicely done and you've played your 20 colors well (I really have to step out of my pastel box) -Your friend is sure to love it!
  7. I love it! Wonderfully fun colors and what a great finish, pocketed denim; neat closure too -Beautifully done, Merri!
  8. Ah, but so wonderfully weird, Peg! ... Love the idea of using fabric for yarn (sheet for yarn= sharn?), such an economical way to go; and you're working it beautifully. Thanks for sharing your progress so far.
  9. Wow! So very striking, Smokey! Love how your chosen colors play so well together -Beautifully done! Best wishes at the county fair!
  10. Beautifully done, Sparkle! Love both the color and texture -Sure to please your dear friend!
  11. Fantastic, Katrala! It turned out beautifully; a real work of art. What a wonderfully impressive accomplishment!
  12. Personalized cards are always especially nice; yours are super -Beautifully done!
  13. Beautifully done! -Such a fun color, too!
  14. But, Oh my goodness, you have come so far!! :cheer Keep up the great work, Katrala! It's the nature of the piece, cathedral windows, taking one step at a time to complete, whether done in glass or yarn. I know I'm not alone in looking forward to seeing your finished work of art!
  15. Wow, Cindy! Kudos to you for having plowed through all of those wonderful snowflakes! - Beautifully done! I have admired this pattern for a long time and your showing has rekindled my wish to take it on! Thank you for sharing.
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