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  1. Hi, I think I need some help. Has anyone tried the "Caron pineapple shawl with simply soft eco" free pattern? I am having some trouble in row 16. I believe that there is a row or 2 missing from the pattern. I have contacted the company but I have not received any information yet. If you have done the pattern and have figured out how to complete this could you please let me know how to continue? Thank you so much...
  2. Thanks for all of your ideas. I have made several and am still looking for more patterns. I have also done hairpin lace bookmarks and baseballs with the bat as the string portion of the bookmark. Our local library is also selling bookmarks that I have made and the money is going to the building fund. If you have any that are made and would like to donate you can contact me and I will package them up for the library. Thank you so much for all of your help.
  3. We are having Stitch & B**ch parties every Tuesday in Dansville, NY. If you would like to join, message me and I will give you the address and directions. Right now we have 7 members and would enjoy having any who want to join.
  4. Thanks for your help. I appreciate all of your ideas and help finding other pattens.
  5. The middle school is 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, about 10 to 13 year olds. My boys are a little older and do not like crochet or reading.
  6. I am looking for a bookmark pattern that has more of a boy theme. I have made footballs and snakes for boys, I also have shells, butterfly, granny squares and flowers. I am making these for a friend who is a reading teacher for the middle school. She wants to give them as Christmas presents to encourage reading. I just checked my local craft stores and they had no pattern books at this time. I am trying to make each one different and have several for girls but boys are the problem. There is only so much I can do to change a football pattern to make them different. If you have any ideas I would be very happy and jumping for joy.
  7. vickylynne

    sun hat

    I remember a hat that an aunt made but she doesn't remember where she got the pattern from. It was a very simple sun hat that was mostly open work, with a floppy brim. Does any one recognize this and where I can find it? I could try to recreate but would like to look at the pattern if possible. I think that the brim was a v stitch with shells on the outside edge. Thanks
  8. Teaching a youngster is not much different than a teen. Use simple words and physically show as you explain. My Grandmother Drake worked with very fine thread, when I asked she dug out some yarn and showed the slip stitch and finger crochet. when that got "even", she showed me a hook and how to hold it. I still hold it in my fist like a 4 year old, because of arthritis. When I could do a "even" chain with a hook, then came single crochet, and I even started designing Barbie clothing. Very holey, and uneven but I knew what I wanted and could make it within just a couple of weeks. Most of all use favorite colors and lots of praise. I still remember the accomplishment of my first Barbie fashion show with things that I designed. He could probably make a knotted belt with several lengths of chain stitch knotted every few inches and fridgie ornaments..... knots that he didn't mean to make with a magnet glued to it. He may get laughs and it will be something for a "remember box" and to show how good he is getting. And at 4 everything is hard and remind him of this....and tell him that we wish him well on the accomplishment of every "project" he completes. Does he have sisters or girl cousins that he could make hairbands for?....Chains that tie on top of head to keep hair out of eyes.
  9. Just wondering if there were any crocheters from the ville close enough to have a coffee and crochet meeting? Would love to meet and crochet with you, and yes even you Tammy, maybe every couple of months. I could set something up at a church etc. if there is any one who wants to participate. You know, a stitch and bitch party. I loved sitting with my grandmothers and aunts to learn to crochet, listening to stories, and just interacting with others who like the same things. I am sure that Tammy and her mom, Aunt Mar, are getting fed up with me up there all the time. (Love ya Tam) Dansville is on I-390 exits 4 & 5. Is there anyone that would be willing to drive or host a meeting?
  10. I love your shawl. I have been looking for something to make for me that is pretty without being overly showy. This is just what I want to make. Is it fairly easy? I am new to pineapple crochet. I love also that the pineapples are in squares (diamonds) because one of my favs are granny squares and I have made several things with squares put together on the diamond.
  11. I was just wondering how many crocheters are from NY, specifically from the central or western NY area? Does anyone want to get together for a crochet party once every couple of months, coffee, tea, cookies and lots of crochet and talk. Is anyone able to host a party, or willing to drive/carpool to visit us down here in Dansville? We are right off I-390 exits 4 & 5. If I get some interest I will try to rent a church so we have some room and the one I am thinking of has wheelchair access for those of us who have disabilities. If someone else wants to host for the first time please say so. We could even have "traveling" parties. Visit everyone's home town if we want to set it up like this. Additional input would be very helpful. I would really like to meet and chat in person with any that would like to get together. Other ideas will be welcome. We currently are having Stitch and B**ch parties every Tuesday in Dansville, NY. If you would like to join, message me for address and directions. We currently have 7 members and we are growing. Would like to see you there.
  12. vickylynne

    granny square

    When you start the square you chain 4 and join, then chain 3 and double crochet 2 into the circle, chain 1 then double crochet 3 in circle and chain one, double crochet 3 chain 1, double crochet 3 chain 1, join. There should be 4 groups of three in a circle. Does this help? Is this how your pattern starts?
  13. Yes! I tie knots. My grandmother never tied knots, but I made an afghan as a teen her way and when it was washed it started unraveling. I try to make all my knots at the edge and crochet an edging over them so that they are not noticeable. If I have to knot in the middle of a piece, I leave long tails that can be woven in or crocheted over. My favorite knot is the fisherman's knot. it is like the square knot but wrapped 2 more times. It doesn't slip, and with the ends crocheted over or woven in it cannot unravel. My cousin likes to use I think it's called the Russian Join where she weaves the ends together using a needle before she even gets close to the ends of her yarn and the knot is in the yarn and will not pull out. I think every one has a favorite way and what ever works for you is good.
  14. Hello:clap and welcome from western New York state.
  15. Hello:clap and welcome from western New York state.
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