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  1. In July I am going to.........finish this freakin tablecloth!
  2. mary- those afghans are beutiful.!!!!! afm- still pluggin away at my tablecloth. its gorgeuous but time consuming. then i keep seeing hubbies blanket in the corner.
  3. hi keera, and welcome to the boards. i started crocheting when i was 22., and almost 10 years later, i love it more than ever. i wish could sit at home and crochet for the rest of my life. just keep practicing, and were all here if you need any help.
  4. yeah it came in on thursday night. so im blissfully crocheting away, and making alot of progress. its coming out really nicely. i cant wait until its frinished. im off today so maybe ill take some pics. hows everyone else doing?
  5. i look at pictures of doilies and i think how could this be better, or i like this part, or that would look better with such and such. im going to start drawing them as i imagine them
  6. MReid


    im actually making the round oval tablecloth. and ive made a few patterns from it. and yes there are errors, just go with it and adapt, ive had to add stitches and such
  7. i ordered thread a couple of days ago, and it needs to get here so i can keep going.
  8. hmmm, i kinda rocked the may CAL, so im doing my first ever tablecloth, so i need thread, and i found a 14,000 yard spool on ebay for 24.99, so my goal for june is to buy the spool, and maybe if im really good, ill finish my tablecloth. but even if i dont, its gonna be alot of doilies, i have a bunch of ecru and colored thread. ps after i finish the tablecloth, ill be doing valences for my sliders. eek.
  9. i did really good on my list. finished the first communion blanket, finished the doilies. worked on hubbies blanket, although now its too how. picked a pattern and started my tablecloth. i rocked it i guess., it helped that i had a 10 day vacation that i pretty much spent crocheting
  10. i just wish the colors came in bulk, oh well, ive got some really cool doilies. Anu-im sorry your so busy. the last few years have been so crazy theyre a blurr, just starting to normalize. im always on line so feel free to jump in anytime. rose-thers never a good time to start. lol. i figure ill regret it if dont evr make one, besides doilies are boring now. i still havent really finished hubbies blanket so hes a little annoyed i keep starting other projects. but i offer to teach him to crochet so he can finish it himself. i just cant wait., next will be curtains
  11. no time like the present. im going to buy some bulk thread soon.
  12. i am using an oval pattern from the ultimate book of pineapples book. finished size should be about 54 x 60
  13. i just started my first ever table cloth. my biggest and longest project ever. so, who wants to join me, i figure its going to take awhile. oh come on, you know you want to make one .
  14. that is beutiful, excellant work!
  15. update, picked and started tablecloth, finished doilies, made 2 others for fun. vacation has left me with alot of crochet time. and generally enjoying life.
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