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    I am married and a mother of three.
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    Merrimack, NH
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    crochet, reborn dolls
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    electronic assembler
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    since 1979
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    baby items, stuffed animals
  1. Hi, I have the Lion Brand crocheted star bunting pattern and I started making it and it's very confusing. Your pattern looks so much easier. Very cute! I will have to try it. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks but that's not the one I am looking for. The one I have seen is for an infant and it's white with a red heart border, sweater, bonnet and booties. Thanks anyways!
  3. Does anyone have a pattern for a baby sweater set with a heart border? I have seen it on eBay before. It's a white sweater with a red heart border. I think it's an older pattern. Thanks, Linda
  4. My husband has suggested that I throw out my patterns but he wouldn't DARE to touch them! LOL
  5. Thanks! How do you put a picture on your profile?
  6. Hi, I just signed up today. I love to talk crochet. This should be a lot of fun. Linda
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