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    JC Pritzl
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    I have been crocheting for 7 years. I like crocheting blankets, and other things. I love to crochet it is really fun.
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    Crocheting, Drawing, Video Games, Cooking
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    7 years
  1. I made this blanket, it took me a couple weeks to make this blanket. what do you guy think? I worked hard on it.
  2. Very Beautiful. I love the colors.
  3. Here are to afghans i made myself. the first one was a baby blanket I made for a friend, and the second one I made just for fun. My First baby blanket My second blanket
  4. I was wondering how you crochet a bird picture using yarn into a project! all the help will be appreciated!
  5. Hi i'm new to crochetville! i love to crochet it is so fun ! i just found thwe site and i was interested at first site!
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