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    Anne H. Greene
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    married,2children,belong to HAP and Carewear
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    Laurinburg, NC
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    Reading,crocheting,and other crafts
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    retired teacher
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    since 1976
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    baby items,toys,snowflakes,angels,hats

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  1. ansept

    May 2018 Happy Mother's Day Table

    A very lovely table. I hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day!
  2. ansept

    Gonk Pumpkin Patch

    I love him.Could he help find some of my missing hooks?
  3. ansept

    C’Ville Tote Nov. 2017

    Mary Jo , I'm sure everyone heard my squeals of delight when I opened the box and found the November bag in such beautiful fall colors. Thank you for the turkey, the broom doll, and the leaf scrubby that go with the bag. I've never been so surprised in my life! This has been a tough week. We've been renovating our master bath, the foyer , and the car port . They have finally finished . It was so nice to get something that was unexpected that was good for a change.Glad to be bag lady #140.if you ever need my help for any thing ,you've got it. Anne Greene (ansept)
  4. ansept

    Terri's Comfort Ghan Delivered

    Mary Jo , I mailed one purple and one white square today. You should receive them Wednesday.
  5. ansept

    Monster Pillow

    Love those pink teeth and flower eyes!
  6. The answer to the whole problem: Make lots of things for charity;They love and appreciate every thing they get.
  7. ansept

    No more Crochet Today!

    I contacted the magazine by e-mail , made the request for a refund ,got a confirmation ,and received my refund yesterday. It took about two weeks to get the refund.
  8. ansept

    Crochet Today Magazine Cancelled

    Unfortunately , my subscription doesn't end until October. I did try to download the free issue of Simply Crochet , but my computer said that there was no such address . This is a pretty sorry way to leave customers hanging. There is nothing in this new magazine that I want.
  9. How did we do on the final hat count ?
  10. I'll be sending hats to you this week.
  11. ansept

    Disabled veteran

    Welcome from North Carolina.
  12. I have 12 hats to send. Most of them are acrylic yarn, but a few of them are cotton yarn. Anne G.
  13. ansept

    Help Crochetville Win $5,000?

    I voted;good luck!
  14. ansept

    Hurricane Sandy

    Please send me your address so that I can send you some hats and mittens.
  15. ansept

    Opinion's Please

    The black background looks better.