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  1. Can anyone tell me what that kind of hat is called - the one w/ the two pointy parts? Also, and forgive my ignorance, but... is that style universally considered unisex?
  2. This is precisely what I came here for. ! I cannot find a pattern - anywhere - for clothing for little dolls (like old Strawberry Shortcake dolls).
  3. In case anyone is having the same problem I did... I was desperately looking for a 'real' crochet pattern for a hat, to no avail. Knit was the only way I could find them. I eventually found this: http://crochetme.com/patterns/morphy made it longer, permanently tied up the end that's supposed to stay open/adjustable, managed to make a froofy for the top, and... I did it. I know it's not "right", but... I'm okay with that! It's the first real thing I ever made. It's sort of rolled up in this photo, but this is how it turned out:
  4. Can anyone please tell mi if that yarn is as shiny in person as it appears in the photo? I'm looking at it online, but the online photo (Joann's) is... odd, and I cannot tell if it has as much of a sheen as it appears on this DARLING 'dillo.
  5. I've only made practice ones w/ my 'junk' yarn, but if I can make one I'd let anyone see, I certainly will post photos :oD
  6. I finally got it right! I even fooled around with it, and made a 5 petal one! It's the first time I ever (intentionally) did that. :oD I appreciate you sharing this pattern SO much. It is the - best - flower I have been able to find, including patterns that had to be purchased. You are a very generous person. Thank you again. :o)
  7. THANK YOU!!! I asked some crochet literate people, and they were very helpful, but THAT (the picture that shows where the ch1 followed by the slip stitch goes) is EXACTLY what I needed! LOL - you would have gotten a kick out of the gnarly mess I was making. Thank you again!
  8. This is absolutely the best flower I've seen - and I've been hunting for a flower pattern I like for a few months. I am new to crochet, and have tried several times to make this, with... hideous, gnarly results. Is anyone here willing to dumb this pattern down for me?
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