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    Monica Kennedy
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    I am 34 YO, married, and love to write. My goals are to become a Licensed Professional Counselor.
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    Johnson City, TN
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    writing, crocheting, crafting, traveling
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    I love round ripples!
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    since 2002
  1. Thank you! I am very proud of this pattern, and am looking forward to making new patterns too!
  2. Very pretty! Glad you found the pattern easy! I love how this turned out!
  3. I followed a link here from a questions someone asked on Ravelry - this is beautiful! I maintain a listing of Round, Round Ripple, and Star Crochet Patterns and I have added a link to this pattern there. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful pattern. I cannot wait to try it!
  4. I have been wanting to make that pattern for years. One of these days I will get around to it.
  5. Thanks everyone. I have been making videos showing how to make this blanket and am making it in other color variations. I love how quick it works up. Will have lots to donate!
  6. Oh, and i forgot the link for Hugs & Kisses Crafters - it is a national group with the option to have local chapters.
  7. Me too Christi - it is the same one I used in the Quick Stripes Baby Afghan - so now people can have a preemie size or a larger toddler size. I am using it as well on one for my hubby that is about 7 feet long and made out of the Lion Brand Homespun yarn - talk about expensive -- but he's worth it. LOL, I just need to quit putting it aside to make other things! It is so hot now for that big heavy thing!
  8. I created this afghan to be easy for new crocheters or just a quick pattern for any crocheter. It makes up really fast and is just big enough to cover a preemie in an isolette or wrap them up to be cudddled in mom & dad's arms. It is great too for your scraps since it only takes 1/3 of a skein of one color and 2/3 of a skein of another color. I love this pattern stitch and use it for lots of different things. I plan on donating these through Hugs & Kisses Crafters to Niswonger Children's Hospital in Johnson City, TN.
  9. Fudging just makes it more unique. If you want something perfect, get it from a machine. Nice job!
  10. very pretty! You did an awesome job.
  11. very pretty - I did a very similar border with three color and with just one. Two looks really nice too!
  12. Please send me a link to your pics when you are done. I love to see what others have done with it.
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