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    Carol/Cat T
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    I'm a mother of 6 grown children, I have 12 grandchildren, & 4 pretty great grandaughters !!
    I like to cook, & bake when the weather is cool enough
    I like to watch Food Network
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    California Desert
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    Crochet, Sew, Garden, Bake
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    Happy Homemaker
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    since 1975
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    afghans, coasters, fridgies, scarves
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  1. I finally put in a photo of myself, believe it or not...LOL


  2. natcat

    Crochet Work

    These 2 round ripple afghans are just 2 of what I've made
  3. Hello All!!

    I've been mostly trying not to hurt, from my back, that now goes down

    left leg. I still my sweetheart, but I know he is watching over me!!

    1. greyhoundgrandma


      Hello from Mississippi!

  4. Click on this link, I don't know how to add the picture to this comment Purple Round Ripple Afghan
  5. Hello jimbo!! It's been a long time, since I've chatted with you,
  6. Hi alclo I don't have anything, to make a video with, sorry, I do hope that someone, can help you, I learned to crochet, by buying, the crochet booklets about different crochet stitches, there should also, be crochet stitch abbreviations too, if you search online, about different abbrediations, tthere are videos, that will show you step by step https://video.search.yahoo.com/search/video;_ylt=AwrTHRmAQhJaW3sAfRxXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByNWU4cGh1BGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=crochet+stitch+abbreviations+for+beginner&fr=yfp-t-s
  7. I want to ask, how do I save an edited comment I made, I have been trying to replace an afghan picture that was missing.
  8. I wrote this pattern myself, I worked on one and wrote it, as crocheted it!! 16-Point Round Ripple Afghan *I use an "H "size hook, & 4-ply worsted weight acrylic yarn Row 1: CH 5, slip stitch to form a ring, then, Chain 3(chain 3 always counts as a DC stitch) DC 15 in the ring (16 st.) Row 2: CH 3 + 1 DC in the same stitch as the CH 3; 2 DC in each stitch all the way around, SL. ST. to join (32 stitches) Row 3: CH 3, * 1 DC in the next stitch, 1 DC + 2 CH + 1 DC in next stitch: Repeat from * ending with 1 DC in next stitch, then, 1 DC in base of the Beg CH 3 + CH 2( so you make 3 chains plus 2 more chains), join to the top of the Beg CH 3, (this completes the V-Stitch or small shell which ever you want to call it!)(the extra CH 2 is the tips chain 2 space) Row 4: SL ST in next stitch, SL ST into the chain 2 space, & CH 3 + 1 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in same chain 2 space. *2 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in next chain 2 space. * Repeat all the way around & SL ST in ch3 of the beginning chain, then, SL ST in next 2 DC, Row 5: SL ST in chain 2 space & CH 3 + 1 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in same chain 2 space, 1 DC in next DC, skip next 2 DC, then 1 DC in next DC, *2 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in next chain 2 space; 1 DC in next DC; skip next 2 DC; 1 DC in next DC, *repeat all the way around, SL. ST. in chain 3 of beginning chain, then SL ST in next 2 DC. Row 6: SL ST in chain 2 space + CH 3 + 1 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in same chain 2 space; 1 DC in each of next 2 DC; skip next 2 DC; 1 DC in each of next 2 DC; *2 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in next chain 2 space; 1 DC in next 2 DC; skip next 2 DC; 1 DC in next 2 DC: *Repeat ending with skip 1 DC; join to the 3 CH( this is the 3rd chain up at the top) Row 7: SL ST in next DC, SL ST in the tips chain 2 space + CH 3 +CH 2 (this is for the tips chain 2 space) + 1 DC in same space; 1 DC in next 3 DC; skip next 2 DC; 1 DC in next 3 DC; *1 DC + 2 CH + 1 DC in next CH 2 space. 1 DC in next 3 DC; skip next 2 DC; 1 DC in next 3 DC; *Repeat around, skip last DC & join in 3rd CH of beginning chain; Row 8: SL ST in next DC ( if there is an extra DC stitch slip stitch in the extra DC also); SL ST in tips chain 2 space + CH 3 + 1 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in same CH 2 space; 1 DC in next 3 DC; skip 2 DC; 1 DC in next 3 DC; *2 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in tips chain 2 space; 1 DC in next 3 DC; skip next 2 DC; 3 DC in next 3 DC; *Repeat around, join in 3rd CH of beg. chain. SL ST in next DC. Row 9: Sl St in tips chain 2 space + CH 3 +1 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC; 1 DC in next 3 DC; skip next 2 DC; 1 DC in next 3 DC; * 2 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC in chain 2 space; 1 DC in next 3 DC; skip next 2 DC; 1 DC in next 3 DC; *Repeat around *small shell row: (1 DC+ 2 CH + 1 DC) *large shell row: (2 DC + 2 CH + 2 DC) ** change colors, slip stitch in the tips ch 2 space, just after you have completed the last row, cut off the yarn so you have a long enough tail to work with, then tie it into a knot, in the tips space. **To add the new color, tie the yarn to the right of the knot you just made in the tip. Slip Stitch & chain 3 in the tip.......... **It seemed a lot easier to change colors when you are just going to a large shell row, because there is more yarn to cover up the knots, ***** While you are making this or any round ripple afghan, it really helps to lay it down on a flat surface, & flatten it out a lot as you're making it.. ***** This pattern is done with 1 row of small shells in the tips, and 2 rows of large shells in the tips. As it gets bigger, it helps to flatten it out, because of the afghan's weight... **** To start out with, I would recommend using 3 skeins for each color, but it depends on how many different colors you're using to make it.
  9. Evening Everyone:manyheart I wanted to post the pictures that I took, of the purple WIP, I would have posted it befoire, but I havn't been feeling too good. Since I took these 2 pics. I have crocheted about 9 morw rows:hook So, now, I'm going to get a fresh cup of coffee, and go crochet a bit, before I go to sleep I hope that everyone has a great day tomorrow:clap:yay Hugs,Carol please click on these pictures to enlarge !!
  10. Hi judianne!! The size that this RR will be is bigger then the width of a double bed.. On my blogger blog, I have a Chocolate Mint Round Ripple posted, if you have the time to take a look at that one, it will be a little bit bigger then that one!!! I also have a picture of a shaded blue RR, that I'll post, on my blog, both the chocolate mint and the shaded blue RR went to 2 of our grandsons, and they said that they love them, especially to take out in the livingroom, and to layon to watch cartoons!!! Have a wonderfyl week!!
  11. Hello My Dear Friend!! Your bag is just beautiful:crocheting:hook You make such lovely bags!! I'm so happy to see you:flower
  12. :flowerGood Evening Everyone:clap Thank you so much for your warm welcome back!!! I sure have missed all of you too:manyheart Here is an update on how far I am on the purple RR ! click on pictures to enlarge!! I crocheted on it a little today, and I'll work on it tomorrow!! Have a fantastic week!!!
  13. Hi CrochetDad!! It's good to hear from you!!:clap I'm happy to be back!!! Hugs,Carol
  14. Happy Day Everyone:clap It's been quite a while since I've been in here, just about the time that I was doing pretty well, I fell in our bedroom, and hurt my back, that was the frst part of Feb., the really bad part of all of it, was I couldn't even crochet, because it was too much stress on my back:eek I'm doing pretty good now,finally..LOL I started a 3 shade purple round ripple, and in-between I'll crochet in a multi-colored yarn!! I'm making this one for one of our daughter-in-laws, Lori is about 6 Ft. tall, so it has to be a big one!!!! Take Care and Have a lovely Evening:hook
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