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    Toys, bags, afghans, I like it all.
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    Since approximately 1969
  1. Very pretty!! I love self stripe yarn.
  2. Very pretty!!! Love the colors.
  3. Oh I like that too!!!!! One never has enough project bags.
  4. I like it a lot!!! You BFF will love it!!
  5. Congratulations!!!! Kuddlekubs is one generous lady.
  6. I absolutely love it!!!!! I love bright colors with black it makes the colors bounce so pretty.
  7. How are people suppose to be surprised when the bag comes to them if you have to wait until the winner is picked to get the address!! The surprise will be gone. As generous and giving as you always have been I can't imagine people getting their panties in a bunch. For goodness sake no one has to enter the giveaway if they don't want to give their address to the person being kind enough to give them a gift.
  8. Looks like Becky did just what needs to be done to you.......spoil you.
  9. Please add me to those that would love to own this bag. Thank you.
  10. I agree with Lolly, I would go with a half granny. Fast, easy and very pretty when done. I don't like fringe so I have done them with a shell edging.
  11. I was told to use latex caulk on the bottom of slippers. You smear it on the bottom with putty knife or stiff cardboard etc. You let it cure as directed for windows and than do a second coat. This also makes it water proof. I understand that some people use silicone caulk which does help with water proofing and is no slip except on wet surfaces it becomes very slippery. So make sure you find the latex not silicone. You can get it in clear or a few colors and it is less than $5 a big tube.
  12. OMG I love your work!!!! Absolutely beautiful. Do you know what pattern the first block is? I'm sure all the ones you gave away were just as beautiful and are being charished.
  13. I have the Royal also. I have only had it a few months and don't know how I did without it before. I bought mine through JoAnn's when I had a half off coupon.
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