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    Toys, bags, afghans, I like it all.
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  1. thank you! Thank You!! THANK YOU!!! I love it. The way you did up the pattern with the diagram, words and pictures is absolutely wonderful. I have a feeling I might be making some of these but leave the tail off them and make them as Christmas tree ornaments for my mom, she collects angels. Thanks again your work is wonderful.
  2. Vicky you haven't been around that much silly girl.
  3. Bouckville is out on 20 near Pine Woods, Madison, and Pecksport. Now what can I do with my 25 points? BTW you never said I couldn't use Google Earth.
  4. Hey VickyLynne I'm 5 miles from you does that count. :bounce:hi:elle BTW once I get my livingroom back you will have to come and spend the day with me. ttys
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