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  1. If I am making something out of a yarn that can be felted, I do something similar to invisibly join in a new ball. Works really well.
  2. Donna, the bag might shrink more the second time through. Or it might not shrink as much as the cross stitch, so the cross stitch might pull on the bag fabric. I'd try a swatch first.
  3. Were they different colours? I believe darker colours felt better than lighter colours.
  4. I just got this book yesterday and was quite disappointed with it. I think it would be good for a beginner, but if you've already done any felting it's probably not worthwhile. I was hoping for some intereresting bag patterns, but there were mostly very simple shapes, that I could probably work out for myself. If you're an experienced felter or feel confident that you could design your own pattern for simple shapes, I recommend you don't buy this book without having a flick through it first. (I ordered it over the internet sight unseen, being so excited at the idea of a felted crochet book, and having limited local resources)
  5. I made some beaded handles for a small felted bag. I used eyelets to attach the handles to the bag.
  6. I've made some felted bowls/baskets and I've had the same problem, where the bottom seems to shrink more than the top, so the top flares out a bit. Actually the whole thing looks evenly felted, there just seems to be more fabric around the top, if that makes sense. What I do now is work some decreases in the last few rounds. If anyone wants more details I can post the pattern for the last one I made which turned out OK.
  7. Maybe you could try felting both your gauge samples and see which turns out best. Also then you will know how much shrinkage you'll get both horizontally and vertically, and you'll be able to amend the pattern so it will turn out the size you want.
  8. My first felting attempt was a bag. After it was felted I wasn't happy with the handles, they were too long, so I cut them in half and sewed them together overlapping. I used the same wool the bag was made out of to sew the pieces together and it worked pretty well. I just used the same largish needle that I use for general sewing of crocheted items and it went through the felted fabric quite easily.
  9. I almost always use hdc, and generally hook size 7mmm, which I think is about a K. It usually takes several times through to felt really well. The hardest part really is finding wool that is suitable. I've tried several yarns that were 100% wool and said handwash only on the label and still did not felt. I've also heard and found to be true that darker colours felt better.
  10. Hey, glad to see a few more Australians around, but still no one else from Adelaide - that's where I am.
  11. enmac


    Hi Sam, nice to have another Aussie around! I'm in Adelaide. What's the wool supply like in Melbourne? I'd love to hear if you know of any good Australian places to buy yarn from.
  12. enmac

    Specialty Yarn Problems

    Maybe it would help to work it with a strand of something else, depending whether that would be suitable for what you want to make. If it's difficult to work with you probably want to stick to simple stitches, and let the beauty of the yarn be the focus, rather than the complexity of the pattern.
  13. Wow! That is just fantastic! I definitely want to try felting something with ripples.
  14. That is so pretty! A friend visited the other day, wearing a similar lacy crochet top she had bought somewhere. I spent the whole evening surreptitiously staring at it, trying to figure out how I could make something like it.
  15. I got 10/10! I'm sure I wouldn't have got that score a year ago, before Crochetville existed. I have learned so much in the past year lurking around here with all you amazing crocheters.
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